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  1. Hello, This is my first time posting in this forum and am looking for some career advice. Currently I am an active duty SSgt Aerospace Propulsion Specialist on B52's. I love the Air Force and have enjoyed my experience so far; even considering that I have only been stationed at Minot AFB. Unfortunately my duty as of late has made me feel burnt out. Without any job rotation in the past five years I feel like I am not growing anymore. I am considering many options as I near the end of my enlisted service commitment. Like many others, I caught the flying bug late in life and have discovered flying aircraft is much more challenging and enjoyable than working on them. At the moment I am enrolled in school part time (about two years from finishing my degree) and am paying myself through flight school to receive my PPL. I intend to separate to focus my time on finishing my degree at a university with an ATP program using my Post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for it. As a Commercial Aviation major at the University of North Dakota I can have 100% of my flight training costs covered and then be hired as an instructor to receive my ATP certificate within a year after graduating. Although I know I can have an extremely rewarding career as an airline pilot, I keep finding myself being drawn back to the idea of serving as pilot in the Air Force. Part of the reason I want to become an officer is to challenge myself and become a better leader. Another is that I have goal to become a professional pilot and would consider it an honor to do what I love and still serve my country. Long winded I know, but this basically brings my to three options: 1) Join the AFROTC detachment at my school. 2) Focus on my education and flight training, enjoy my college experience, and try to commission through OTS (basically a gamble). 3) Disregard the thought and just continue to pursue a career as a commercial pilot. My biggest barrier to commissioning as a pilot is my age. I will be 26 by the time I attend college and with my transferred credits will graduate the summer before I turn 29. As far as I understand to be eligible for rated slot in AFROTC a cadet must commission before the age of 29. The only reason I have concerns about this is that North Dakota has some harsh weather that limits flying conditions. If any of my classes are delayed I fear could be pushed to graduate in the fall that I turn 29, and in turn be ineligible for a chance at a rated slot. Then be forced into another four year commitment. Should I choose to not participate in AFROTC I would graduate sooner, but only by one semester giving me some age leeway to play with before applying for an OTS slot. If all else fails I get hired on by the school as a flight instructor until I hit my minimum 1000 hours for my ATP license, then go to the regional airlines. Currently with my I have a 3.65 GPA and scored a 95 on my last PT test in Nov 2018 (slowly working towards 100%). I have yet to take the AFOQT, but plan to take it during my terminal leave after studying SAT books. I do very well academically, when I took the ASVAB in high school I scored M:97 A:91 G: 95 E: 99 with only studying for one day; however, the AFOQT is a beast of its own. I know that if I do apply for a rated slot in my Junior year of college I will have about 100+ flight hours that would help my PCSM score. I do have my concerns about joining the a detachment this late in college. I intend to do everything I can to compete for a pilot slot, but do not want it to be at the cost of friendship with fellow cadets and respect from the cadre. I am not even sure I would be competitive to even attend field training with only one semester in the detachment. I do know that I would rather attempt AFROTC than OTS as two years of POC sounds like it would transition me more effectively to become an officer than nine weeks of field training. Medically, I do not think I will have any issues. I had a shellfish allergy when I was younger, but its no longer relevant. Unfortunately early on in my military career I did disclose that information so it is in my records. I have good eyesight, but after this year I will need glasses (my left eye is now 20/30) to maintain my 20/20 correction. My biggest health concern is being able to attend UPT befor the age of 30. I suppose the big question is should I even attempt to become a pilot in the Air Force or just stick it out in the airlines? I am looking for some sound career advice from recent AFROTC graduates or active duty pilots. Should I reconsider my options? Are there any potential barriers that I failed to address? Please be brutally honest, I do not want anything sugar coated. I need information from an objective stand point. Thank you in advance for your time and response.
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