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  1. So as it stands right now after my first attempt I scored the following on the AFOQT: P:89 N:38 AA:37 V:31 Q:47 I will be taking my TBAS (mid April) when I return home from my current deployment. A little background about myself, I am 2 classes away from finishing my aviation degree and am 23 years old. I have a 3.89 GPA as well as 255 flight hours and my ASEL Commercial Certificate along with an Instrument rating. I have not received a grade throughout college lower than a B. Outside of academics I play hockey at the school, am part of a fraternity, enjoy pretty much anything with friends but along with hockey I am big into fishing and golfing. I have accumulated tons of community service hours as well. Currently I am an E-5 in the ANG as an Electrical and Environmental Systems troop. The big debate in my mind is should I apply to Units (Both Guard and Reserve) and see if I can get a slot? Or immediately retake the AFOQT when I get the chance. To me I feel like I should apply now since I am still young and see what happens. If I do not get picked up by a unit, Ill retake the AFOQT. Any thoughts on this Idea?
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