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  1. Anyone hear any word about getting flight suits for those of us not going to IFT?
  2. I got a lot of push back, and I had to give them a bunch of shit in order for them to start mine. It was pain in the ass, but they absolutely wouldn't budge. I ended up getting an MFR from my O6 pretty much saying: "I support the Lt in applying for cross training into a rated career field. You don't need anything from AFPC to start the process. Please schedule the necessary flight physical for his application package. If there are any questions, contact me directly at (123)-456-7890."
  3. 10 April for MFS, and 14 May - 14 June for IFT I'm talking with the workflow now though, it looks like they're gonna remove my IFT and I'll go straight to UPT since I already have my PPL
  4. Just got an email with my rip from FSS, rnlt 10 July, going to Vance
  5. Last flew about a month ago, but I've only been a few times since I got it so I still have <60 hours
  6. IFT showed up on my projected training, but I have my PPL. Anyone know who I should talk to about that?
  7. Congrats everyone so far!! Still waiting to hear on my end, my CC is in DC and apparently he won't give news over the phone, so I'll find out either Friday if he gets back in time or else on Monday I suppose I had a pretty good letter of rec and ranking, 99 pilot, and 87 PCSM with 41 flight hours, unfortunately no PPL (got it a week after the board met, fml) but I think I'm at least reasonably competitive I'll let you all know as soon as I do!
  8. My whole chain was traveling to DC today so I still haven't heard, I guess it's a little late to expect any news today.... Also, last year the list was FOUO so I would advise against posting a direct copy here
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