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  1. Answers to both questions is NO. T-38's don't guarantee a fighter either. We have 5-7 T-38 grads in my AWACS squadron. Needs of the AF. All you should care about is being a student pilot and learning to fly. It's good to have goals. But manage your expectations. No one flies solo, so being a good team player is the key to success. The instructors don't care how good of hands you have, if you taze your bros to better yourself, you'll be flying the furthest thing from a fighter if they don't wash you out for airmanship. I want a 5th gen as well, but it's last on my priority list of what I want to get out of UPT. I'm just happy and thankful to have the opportunity to be there, period dot. "Just Happy To Be Here".
  2. I had a 98 in pilot, with a PCSM of 60 before I updated my flying hours from ZERO to the 101 bracket, ending up with a 93 overall PCSM. Flying hours boosted my score 33 points. The redistribution of weight for the PCSM placed a higher emphasis on flight hours. A pilot in my squadron went from a 99 PCSM to a 69 PCSM after they updated the algorithm. Rated guys will probably have to wait until they are closer to finishing the ADSC. I got selected for pilot after 2 attempts and my ADSC expiring a month before board results came out. Last year I was told by AFPC that they wouldn't release me due to the rated crisis across the AF. I'm currently a navigator on a jet that has GPS. They don't need me. AWACS navigator is the most unsatisfying flying job available in the entire AF. FYSA, they only released 1 ABM last year and 2 this year for UPT. After the school house getting rocked by a hurricane, the pipeline had suffered terribly. Also, no one likes Tinker AFB, so almost entire year groups 7 day opted out of returning there... further damaging the health of the ABM community. Anyone who dropped ABM on this board, expect to be there for the rest of your career. It's not a terrible gig, though it'll be what you make it. There is a fair distribution of awesome people, with d-bags sprinkled in here and there.
  3. Thanks dude! I went through IFS in 2011. All my notes are written on stone tablets.
  4. UPT select...finally. 98 pilot, 93 PCSM, 101 flight hours (no ppl, just shy of it. deployments and shit), 30 years old with 7 years in, and just finished my ADSC as a CSO 2nd attempt at the board. Last year AFPC said they wouldn't release me because of the rated crisis across the AF, regardless of the competitive application. @Hefe knows my pain. Valhalla!
  5. Our Wing Commander waited until 5 minutes prior to PSDM drop last year to tell anyone. And it sounds like he's doing it again this year...... So 14 jan for me to find out. Congrats everyone who got selected so far.
  6. Last year's application I had a 93 PCSM, 3.0 GPA, over 100 hours civilian, over 350 combat hours, O-6 LoR, and an EQ check ride in my current aircraft as a Nav. I better get good news. My commitment ended almost 3 weeks ago. The Air Force will have no pilot or Nav if I don't get selected.
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