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  1. I ended up cutting it off myself, but recommend having alterations remove it just to be safe. We had a couple people inadvertently damage the uniform trying to cut it off on their own.
  2. You’ll have to take them to alterations to have them sew the velcro on. They typically have velcro in stock, so you just pay for it there. You can buy flags online or at a clothing sale store. I purchased my flags and AETC patches from www.aviatorgear.com, but there are a ton of different places that carry everything you need. One piece of advice, make sure they sew the larger velcro pieces on *both* sides and not just enough velcro for the flag patch (they did this to me and I had to take them back to have it redone).
  3. I believe the recruiter is correct. ENJJPT applications were done during OTS for us. For those already on Active Duty status applying to UFT, the AF215 is the process. Things may have changed, but this was the case for me.
  4. In the application there is a block you select that puts your name into consideration as a volunteer. You will find out if you’re selected during the official release because your name would have an asterisk next to it on the memorandum (assuming this stays the same from previous releases).
  5. This is correct. Follow the reporting instructions on the Doss website, it’s accurate. Only significant change was the removal of the PT test upon arrival. You’ll do PT, but there is no longer an official test on day 1.
  6. They did away with the PT test; but you’ll still have to do PT and log your hours there. Recommend bringing a knee-board.
  7. No news at all on the ABM front... I had a pending assignment, so that will take some coordination too.
  8. My friend who is an ABM sent me a ton of good info on the career field and what to expect with training. If any ABM selects are interested, DM me and I’ll share.
  9. Ah okay. Nothing for me yet. I already had an assignment pending, so I assume it’ll take a little more coordination before they do mine.
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