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  1. And that's the trick- at USAFA since I knew that if I applied for rated the only job I could get was RPA's, I didn't apply for rated. It's not that I declined, it's that I never put myself in a position where I needed to decline.
  2. I wouldn't have declined to apply for rated out of USAFA nor put in for an ETP if it wasn't clear what my intent was. I understand their thinking, but I've already declined RPA's in the past. Why would I accept this time around? Did I need to explicitly say that I'd much rather be in my current career field than RPAs?
  3. Not entirely sure yet, leaning towards no. If It turns out I got the medical ETP, I might consider taking it on the hope they'll pull RPA trainees to UPT. If no ETP, then probably not. I poured my heart out into that package to go fly. I purposefully did not put in for rated out of USAFA because my medical was waivered for RPA only. You think that, coupled with me going for a PPL, would clearly demonstrate my intent. My personal letter said UPT and/or pilot probably a half dozen times or more. My letter of recommendation was from a prominent fighter pilot that I actually knew fairly well and served under. I was ranked 1st out of my wing (a prominent wing, as well), and my squadron commander who's signature was on my 215 was a fighter pilot using strong push language. But nah, give me URT. Clearly, that's what I am here for. At least a non-select would have left the door open for next year. Ironically, the board probably selected me for this because "RPAs are flying, and he's qualified." But I didn't need an ETP for RPA's... It's very frustrating to have the air force take a dump over my dreams like this. /salt
  4. URT select, unsure about ETP outcome which was likely the cause. Had blanket waiver for URT only, ETP required for UPT. No notification about the ETP. Probably going to decline. Sucks.
  5. Did you get an ETP? If so, were you notified about the outcome of the ETP itself, independent of UPT?
  6. That is not encouraging. But I guess we won't really know for sure if the chain of command isn't friendly until the PSDM drops on the 14th.
  7. Yeah, is there a list I can look at? I'm on leave across the country from my unit, so getting information out of them is hard.
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