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  1. Hello All, I was hoping to get some input on my plan for eventually making it into flying Air Force... I will admit to myself my prospects at this point are not great but that's not going to stop me from improving them. Age: 25 GPA: 2.98 Major: Information Technology (IT) Civilian Career: couple months at a fast food restaurant, 4.5 years at a wholesale company, couple months as an IT support person at a medium sized company, 2 years so far at a large corporation as now a Senior Applications Developer Flight time: 0 hours LOR's: a close friend from work who is a Lead Applications Developer on my team, and an undergrad professor who also holds a PPL One of my hardest things honestly has been securing letters of recommendation. I don't know many professional people who would be good for asking for letters from. The AF officer recruiter I was in contact has informed me I need at minimum 3, and the last person I can think of who would be a good person to request this from is my current manager (but obviously I am a little hesitant to request this from my current manager). Right now I need one more letter of recommendation before I can submit this to my AF recruiter and officially begin the process with him, but even so he has told me my prospects are low, which makes me want to improve my chances beforehand. I've thought of a couple of options to take at this point: 1. Go ahead and apply immediately to ANG with the prospect of eventually transferring to the AF 2. Begin lessons at my local community college and local flight school to obtain my PPL (This can help me in obtaining letters of recommendation as well), then apply. 3. Join Air Force as enlisted with the prospect of eventually transferring up to a pilot slot. 4. Join ANG as either enlisted or reserve with the prospect of eventually transferring up to a pilot slot Even after all this I know I'll have to basically ace the AFOQT in order to offset that lacking GPA. Please let me know what you think about these options I've put together for myself. Or if anyone would recommend anything different...
  2. @brabus Thanks for the info man, I'm not entirely opposed to the Air Force, but I've just heard some bad stuff about them is all. From alot of the posts on here and from what I've generally heard from people I know, the AF is a great branch and gets treated very well (moreso than any other branch; best barracks/living space, best food, best life in general). But I've also heard the AF is just weak compared to the other branches; I've heard stuff about sexual harassment trainings (which is a huge red flag to me, makes me worried what other kind of nonsense they might make me go through like exclusivity or diversity stuff), weird uniforms that make no sense, BS feel good activities, the branch seeming to lack a sense of being mission focused, etc... That last point is a big one for me. Coming from the civilian life, having worked now for several different big companies for a couple years in different fields, the one thing I'm just sick of is working around unmotivated people, seeming to lack a sense of wanting to accomplish something or to do a great job ("being excellent in all they do"). For me that's a huge part of what I'm looking for in joining the military is to work around like minded people like that. And stuff I've heard about with the Air Force just makes me cautious I guess is the best word.
  3. Hello all, I've been floating around the forums for a couple weeks now and finally have a question that I can't seem to find very good answers to. Which branch would be the best to apply for and for what reasons? I personally am talking to a Navy Officer recruiter right now and about to begin the application process for a pilot slot, but now I'm having cold feet on whether the Navy would be the best branch to go into. The main qualm I think I have now is the realization I could be spending months at sea, whereas I could possibly join the Air Force or even National Guard and have a closer gig. Then again I do want something more serious than an ANG job (not to berate ANG, but I'd assume Navy just has a higher responsibility). So hopefully in me asking this question it helps many other people wondering what the best branch is and why. What's everyone's opinions on all the different branches (not just for becoming a pilot but in general, the general feel of the branches, the seriousness, the missions, culture, people, etc...). What are the differences between these branches? - Army - Marines - Air Force - Navy - Air National Guard
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