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  1. Thank you all for your responses and information. Neither of us have any true aspirations for fighters. We both think A-10s and B-1s would be pretty neat, but we understand that realistically that probably won’t happen, especially with Join Spouse. We have our sights set on primarily anything AFSOC, as we’ve both extensively worked with that community. We’re also both linguists, so to fly on aircraft that lingusits fly on (except for NSAv) would be pretty cool. NSAv, Gunships, MC-130s, and U-28s is what we’re hoping for in that order. RC-135s wouldn’t be the end of the world for me, but it would be for her, haha. Aside from that, I suppose we’re pretty open. If we can’t get a mission we’re particularly passionate about, then we’ll try for aircraft that have good duty station we wouldn’t mind living in. Most important thing is staying together. I personally have been fortunate enough to have a very rewarding/cool career to where I feel I can do something not as sexy in order to be with her. War007afa, what question might that be? Once again, thank you all for your insights.
  2. Random question/probably not uncommon situation I just got picked up for OTS to be a pilot (hooray!) and my soon-to-be-wife is leaving for OTS to be a pilot in a couple of months as well. We’re both Prior-Es. We’re very optimistic we can both get the same base for UPT, so that’s not the issue, and even if it were, not the end of the world. More importantly, in all of yours guys’ experience, how does Join Spouse work for two pilots starting out? She’ll be ahead of me in the pipeline about 6 months. We’re *hoping* she gets an aircraft and then I can just get that same one at drop night 6 months later, but I’ve been in the Air Force far too long to get excited about that actually happening. What do you think will realistically happen with us? Does her getting a rare drop hurt our chances? Will they FAIP us? Does anything actually matter? TIA!
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