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  1. I actually just called them and spoke to a POC who said they held their board last year and hired 3 dudes. I was unaware of this board, does anyone else know about this?
  2. You guys sure think highly of yourselves. I'm out.
  3. Did I say I was more credible than you? No, I said I still have some pointers I can give out even though I'm still in the circuit. YMMV. Worked for you, might not work for someone else. The guy is an engineer in the work field. How much of a difference will the masters make for him? Might be diminishing returns. Never said a masters program is more rigorous than UPT. People can have priorities. I am in no way telling him not to do it. I told him he should go back if he thinks that the low GPA is robbing him from interviews.
  4. Geez, what is with all the combative applicants these days? First of all, nice ad hominem. You contributed nothing to this thread except counter my point, seemingly because "I'm still green". I've scored alternate positions, so while I haven't been picked up yet, I know a thing or two. But I digress.... YMMV but I'll say again, the fighter units I've come across do not care about your GPA if you have good scores, and are a good dude while rushing. That makes all the difference. Personally, I wouldn't waste time getting a masters if you know all you want to do is fly. If you are struggling getting interviews, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate and get that masters. His scores are stellar. I don't see him needing a masters to get interviews. As I said before though, YMMV. And it most certainly can make someone lose focus during the interview process. Master programs are pretty intense as are rushing/interviewing. In no way does it make someone "not cut out for UPT" just because they want to focus on one part of their life. You are way off base on that assumption.
  5. A few things pop into my head, keep in mind I haven't been hired yet either but scored some alternates. How old are you? Rushing in the Guard is one of the most important things you can do. It can help offset low scores/bad package or it can distinguish you from the hoard which will also have 90's , high GPA, sports, etc. Therefore a lot of it comes down to when you visited, did they like you? Did you mesh well with a majority of the pilots? Not just 1 or 2. Timing. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. Did the squadron commanders son/daughter apply this time around? For most of us, this is a marathon. For the lucky few, it is a sprint. So it seems like the trend is, your scores are good enough for you to get interviews. The next thing for you to do is learn from those interviews. Have you been asking for feedback? Have you been iterating your interview setup? At this point, your package is fine. It's your interaction with the squadron/board that determines whether you get hired or not. Keep rushing, keep interviewing. If you stick with it then you will definitely get it. Though, as I keep saying, unless you are a fvcking weirdo, you will get it.
  6. TBH, most fighter squadrons wont give a sh!t about the GPA. Especially if you have a solid job with a solid company. It would be different if you were flipping burgers. Just write a well crafted cover letter explaining your situation, how and why you learned from it, etc. As I said, it doesn't really matter because of your scores and sports. Will you get invited to every interview for fighters? No, but you'll get a lot of invites. If you are hell bent on showing improvement on GPA, then just go back and get a masters. IMO, that's a waste of time and money and might make you lose focus. Keep rushing, interviewing, and polishing up the interview and you will get picked up in under 2 years, unless you're a fvcking weirdo.
  7. You're a shoe in. Work experience and good scores off-set the GPA. Especially since you have a mature story of how you learned from it. Just rush units and don't be a weirdo and you'll get picked up quickly by fighters if you interview well.
  8. Thanks for the info. Surprising that people are getting offended by the word "boss". Interesting that you are able to draw passive aggressiveness from a post with no indication of tone. I was not intending to be a smart ass to anyone and was genuinely asking a question. I didn't think I was coming off as disrespectful and not know my place. Anyway, looks like I know what to do now and not create unnecessary risk and waste peoples time.
  9. Well, I am interested in both AD or Guard/Reserves which is why I asked the question.
  10. It looks like there are 2 schools of thought on this. I can do it or I can't do it. If I do do it, it won't barr me from the ANG side, correct?
  11. I wish there were a way to get a FC1 physical without any commitments.
  12. Lol, well once MEPS is cleared and you swear in, that's what I would assume "binds" you to a contract. But can you break that contract and jump to the Guard side without ramifications?
  13. Hi all, I'm currently in the process of becoming a pilot on the AD side. I will be going to MEPS soon and assuming this upcoming board goes well, I'll be selected. I am interested in the Guard/Reserve side of things now and want to start pursuing that also but my recruiter said if I swear into AD and then bail, I'll never be allowed to have a job in the Air Force. Is this true? Say I swear in, complete my FC1 physical and then get picked up by a Guard unit, will I be able to join the Guard unit even though I swore in on the AD side?
  14. Still trying to get an answer on this one. Has any off the street applicants been able to visit Wisconsin?
  15. Has anyone heard from Jacksonville, Vermont, or New Jersey yet?
  16. I've been told no, but maybe someone else different gauge?
  17. Does anyone have any gouge on Madison Wisconsin? I'm trying to rush but a recruiter is saying they don't allow visits. Is this the same as DC where the recruiter says that but on the down low you have to contact the pilots to go visit?
  18. You'll have to post your actual stats for anyone to give accurate insight.
  19. Who has gotten invites to all recent fighter boards?
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