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  1. My disclaimer, I'm not in the AF either, nor have I gone through any of this process. This is only what I've heard from pilots who have had asthma, or applicants currently going through the waiver process for asthma. If you have ongoing asthma after the age of 13, then yes it is DQ with no waiver. If you have things such as an inhaler or follow-up asthma visits after your 13th birthday because your parents make you because of paranoia, you will likely have to do PFT + MCT. Then it is up to AETC evaluation I believe. My question was more geared towards do you have to go to MEPS to get DQ'd or can you call them up before hand and say you have a DQ condition and a waiver needs to start so you don't waste 2-3 months waiting for a MEPS appointment, just to go get DQ'd and have to get a waiver, if that makes sense...
  2. REVIVAL. I'm a guard applicant. I have a history of childhood asthma and wanted to know the best process for waiver submittal for MEPS and FC1. Can I ask to submit a waiver before MEPS so I don't have to wait for the appointment, get DQ'd and then do the whole process? Basically is there a way to go about this as efficient as possible as to avoid delays?
  3. You have great scores, I would not re-take the AFOQT. You are young, so you have a lot of time to be rushing fighter units across the country and find which unit you mesh well with. Just be a good dude, don't be cocky, and have fun! Keep at it and you should find yourself in a fighter unit in a couple of years. Good luck!
  4. 122fspilothiring@gmail.com - board announcements and any questions go through there. I forget but I think they recently had their rush weekend, and apps are probably due soon.
  5. I just got word that the 176th FS in Wisconsin will be too busy during December drill for rushing.
  6. Yeah I figured it will vary highly depending on the unit, waivers, timing... Looks like it would be safe to plan it to wait around 5-6 months.
  7. Shot in the dark but is the timeline from hire to WP physical around 2 months or does it vary?
  8. Thanks for the updates dude, it helps us out enormously!
  9. Be honest, should I just expect an Elizabeth Warren win and stockpile guns and ammo so I'm not disappointed? That way if Trump wins again its a win win.
  10. Hey guys, There is so much info going around on this topic and I do not know what the correct policy is. I thought the new policy was pilot applicants in the AD, Guard, and Reserve could join up to age 33. Is this true? Could you post the source for this? Just don't want to give others bad info.
  11. I'll post it here too. Tired of seeing Hornets in motivational fighter pilot videos? Me too, that's why I made this. For all yall in the thick of it, keep pushing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlXt5KhLPdo
  12. If you need a little motivation or inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlXt5KhLPdo
  13. Do you know what the distribution looks like for heavies vs. fighters?
  14. What is the history behind AZANG not allowing civilians to apply?
  15. I don't know man, I don't think WP doctors sit on here to answer our questions haha. All we have is the 2019 WP waiver guide and it states that any history of asthma when you turn 13 is not waiverable. Before your 13th birthday you should be good to be evaluated and then submitted for a waiver. We don't know until we get picked up and go to WP and actually get the physical. The waiver process for a FC1 says we need to get FEV1, FVC, and FEV/FEC results, medical history pertaining to asthma, rate of utilization of metered-dose inhalers, internal medicine or pulmonary consult, then an MEB. It also states that bronchoprovocation (MCT) is not recommended. It is only recommended for ACS evaluation which is only for a FCll or FClll physical. But because this says recommendation and I've heard us asthmatics need to take an MCT to disprove we have asthma, I do believe we will have to take the MCT at our FC1. Gather all of your medical history that pertains to asthma. Sort it chronologically and highlight anything having to do with asthma so the MEB folks can scan your paperwork with ease. Other than that, we are subject to God. Good luck with everything, you already passed an MCT so that's huge, lets just hope its enough for the authorities in the AETC!
  16. Forgive my ignorance on the subject but the current 2019 WP waiver guide for asthma states that an MCT is NOT recommended for a waiver submission. Does this mean us asthmatic applicants don't need to take the MCT at the FC1 anymore?
  17. Any updates? Do you know if being prescribed inhalers or any asthma preventative meds after age 13 would permanently DQ me? (Paranoid mother wanting me to walk around carrying an inhaler but I never used it)
  18. I think that's where I was mistaken. I thought there was a reserve t38 IP squadron or something. Got my thoughts all mixed up.
  19. My b, I thought there was a reserve unit that you can get picked up to fly t38s or something.
  20. I noticed you got sponsored on the reserve side of the house and mentioned the 340th Fighter training squadron. Did you get picked up for the fighter side reserve if you don't mind me asking? Would you have any gouge on this?
  21. Does anyone know when Boise is having their next board? Having trouble getting ahold of a POC.
  22. I actually just called them and spoke to a POC who said they held their board last year and hired 3 dudes. I was unaware of this board, does anyone else know about this?
  23. You guys sure think highly of yourselves. I'm out.
  24. Did I say I was more credible than you? No, I said I still have some pointers I can give out even though I'm still in the circuit. YMMV. Worked for you, might not work for someone else. The guy is an engineer in the work field. How much of a difference will the masters make for him? Might be diminishing returns. Never said a masters program is more rigorous than UPT. People can have priorities. I am in no way telling him not to do it. I told him he should go back if he thinks that the low GPA is robbing him from interviews.
  25. Geez, what is with all the combative applicants these days? First of all, nice ad hominem. You contributed nothing to this thread except counter my point, seemingly because "I'm still green". I've scored alternate positions, so while I haven't been picked up yet, I know a thing or two. But I digress.... YMMV but I'll say again, the fighter units I've come across do not care about your GPA if you have good scores, and are a good dude while rushing. That makes all the difference. Personally, I wouldn't waste time getting a masters if you know all you want to do is fly. If you are struggling getting interviews, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate and get that masters. His scores are stellar. I don't see him needing a masters to get interviews. As I said before though, YMMV. And it most certainly can make someone lose focus during the interview process. Master programs are pretty intense as are rushing/interviewing. In no way does it make someone "not cut out for UPT" just because they want to focus on one part of their life. You are way off base on that assumption.
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