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  1. I'm seeing everything through a political lens right now. My bad, gotta fix that sarcasm projector.
  2. Did you really just say all scores matter? That's really messed up. Pilot's scores matter and if you disagree then I'll have you banned from this forum.
  3. Fellow defense contracting nerds, Do people know which defense contracting companies offer differential pay? I've heard that Lockheed Martin offers 5 years but what does that include? SERE, UPT, B-Course? I've heard Boeing offers similar as well. I'm currently with Northrop Grumman and I've been told they offer 5 years as well but need to make a few emails to confirm. Anyone have any knowledge? Would be nice to not have to switch companies last minute then get grilled for asking for this huge benefit.
  4. With the way this thread is going, guy with the nose should be pouring salt, not sugar
  5. Hey man, I was in the same exact boat as you were 2 years ago, minus the whole kung flu stuff. I was going through the exact same stuff. Freshly graduated from engineering, sitting at a desk job (that payed quite well) but being disillusioned with the prospect of doing that stuff for 40 years until retirement. Not knocking the engineering profession because we need those people, they make the planes after all. But a lot of people in the circuit express the same feelings as you and I. We can't stand the idea of "sitting at a desk" for our whole career when there is the option of flying for the AF. On the other hand, I can't say I agree with you on quitting your job right now. You know, with covid and all going on, even if you get selected tomorrow you are still a year out best case scenario on heading to OTS. Rushing for a UPT slot is really difficult, couldn't imagine how hard it is with the kung flu kicking you in the nuts. All I can say is keep pushing cause successful business built during the depression are way more impressive than business built during the boom. Also, get comfortable with the waiting. I started this process back in late 2017, picked up in early 2020, and still have about a year before I even think about shipping out for UPT. Keep grinding away to get that UPT slot but don't forget to live and enjoy everyday life. Whether that be with your job, family, hobbies, or religion, don't neglect it. Because I'm sure when we are stressing over an upgrade ride or combat deployment, we are going to miss these relatively easy times where the biggest stress was boredom. Lastly, I would be careful about broadcasting how much of a challenge your life is. You know, and I know how hard life can be sometimes but I expressed this exact feeling in a fighter interview one time and got absolutely reemed about it in feedback and subsequent non-selection. Just keep your head down and keep grinding and your hard work will eventually pay off. Good luck man, you definitely aren't alone out here!
  6. I'll let someone else address the rest of your post, but if you think an aerobatic plane will scratch the itch of flying fighters then I think your assessment is dead wrong. Then again, different stokes for different folks.
  7. Change it when it doesn't work for your party, but crickets when it does? Looks like Schumer and gang might regret their decision for requiring only a simple majority for SC judge appointments.
  8. I wouldn't necessarily say underwhelming. I would say the AFOQT scores are definitely a barrier for some, if not a lot of fighter units. But If he can rush and mesh really well with a unit, having that PCSM won't push his app to the trash. That's really emphasizing rushing though. I think I've only seen 1 or 2 fighter units have a PCSM requirement of 85+.
  9. For SA, I've noticed a lot of advice given on asking the squadron you interviewed at but not selected advice on a debrief and advice. Take everything with a grain of salt. The same things I did at one interview to get picked up was met with resistance at another squadron. For example, I was told that "I don't fit into fighter culture, maybe you should join the Marine Corps instead." Don't get discouraged and keep going. It's not going to get any easier from here on out, but if you grind hard and really mesh well with a squadron, then your chances will be pretty high. Good luck all!
  10. Having early onset dementia is wildly different than calling people wrong names.
  11. Lied about his inauguration crowd? Sure. Called John McCain a loser because he lost the 2008 election? Sure. Promised tax cuts? ✅ Quitting Paris deal? ✅ Conservative judges in courts? ✅ Handling ISIS? ✅ Moving Israel embassy? ✅ Reduce ME presence? ✅ Better trade agreements? ✅ Border wall progress? ✅ Many major platform promises delivered. Yet the "news" focuses on the minutiae. I don't care for leftist "news" media outlets who have nothing better to say than "orange man bad". Fact checking is indeed not fact checking anymore, but has become a political tool to call someone you don't agree with a liar. The fact that you can have factcheck, politifact, or snopes as sources and we can't even use fox is extremely telling of bias and dishonesty.
  12. How do those photos prove he is a liar? Trump's approval rating is where Obama's was before his reelection.
  13. What specifically has made him a pathological liar to you?
  14. I'll concede on what you said above because I don't have much knowledge on those subjects. If they are legitimate failures on his part then so be it, he is still a human and isn't perfect, are you? I'll let someone else chime in on those policies. As for the apocalyptic cities, all democrat cities, how can you say that is the federal government's fault? Those cities have been shit holes for decades, long before Trump. As far as I know, BLM and Antifa are all on the left. None of those people will be voting for Trump. He has repeatedly offered federal help for Portland and Wisconsin. Go look up what Ted Wheeler said to Trump. Go look what Gov. Evers said to Trump. So let me get this straight. It is Trump's fault that the cities are burning, but when he deploys federal aid to Portland around late July, he is now a fascist? You cannot have it both ways. There is no logic in that thought. And now the left wants us to think "vote for Joe and it will all go away!" Yeah, no. That is actually called extortion. A Trump supporter is executed outside of his neighborhood in Portland for being in Patriot Prayer. The gov. of Oregon blames white supremacists. Let me channel my inner leftist, "that is literally disgusting."
  15. Lmao. Pelosi is now attacking the salon owner and claiming she set her up. Pelosi is on another level!
  16. Have you heard him actually talking in this instance? If not, I encourage you to go watch and hear with your own ears, instead of pulling an article accusing him.
  17. My statement is more general. To yours, yes. 2 years of controlling house, senate, and executive and they don't pull the trigger on many subjects. The GOP is weak and pathetic. It is sad that we have to rally around such a weak party but Trump has made great strides and unfortunately the GOP really is a firewall against the radical left. It's all we really have.
  18. 1 party is introducing socialist platforms, and 1 party is firmly against that. That is all one needs to know to make a logical choice.
  19. It's ok for Nancy Pelosi to go to a hair salon in shut down California, then claiming she "didn't know the rules". Rules for thee
  20. My point is the narrative being spewed by the MSM. Not "a bunch of idiots on both sides". One side actively lies and misinforms us. Especially when we are being told that "self proclaimed militia members drove into downtown Portland last night ,armed and looking for a fight. Every Oregonian has the right to freely express their views without fear of deadly violence. I will not allow Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets." Straight from the governor.
  21. When this is perfectly acceptable and actively encouraged by MSM, with no mention of concern for the spread of COVID, but this is lambasted by the MSM as "Trump, Pence greet crowd of supporters without masks" How can anyone take COVID seriously whether you think it is a threat or not?
  22. And because Corn Pop was a bad dude..
  23. Your AFOQT scores are definitely doable. I would say your best bet is rushing so they can look over those "weak" scores. Otherwise, try and aim for a good PCSM and that should place you in a decent position moving forward.
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