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  1. Stirring up an old thread! The FY20 boards results have been released to Commanders, and should be public on Thursday this week. For those of us that were fortunate enough to get picked up, I have a few questions. What was the turn time to get RIPs/orders? In reviewing the thread, it looks like you got informed ~7 Jan and got informed of your bases/dates on ~19 Jan, is that correct? From the January notification, what was the earliest turn time you had to get to UPT? It looks like there were a few PCSs that were in June/July/August. Does 4-7 months sound about right? I think this would put our dates from March - June. AFPC said there was a little backlog for UPT folks this year, is that the same story you had last year? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. Gouge - AFPC will start loading assignments after the PSDM drops next week; however, there is a backup of UPT studs right now. I assume this means we don't have to worry about any January start dates as the PSDM for the call for applicants had suggested.
  3. ENJJPT was right next to your type of training on the spreadsheet I saw. It would have said UPT (ENJJPT)
  4. They offered me CSO when I turned down RPA last year.
  5. Your career field manager (CFM) has to release you to be competitive for the board which was done in September. That being said I was told by my CFM that he didn’t have a choice - even though I am currently under a career field retention bonus.
  6. UPT 97 pilot, 82 PCSM no PPL Prior 92T - yanked in ‘14 for color vision I would venture to guess if I got it, both of you did as well. I denied URT AND CST last year.
  7. My commander is a 1* - and of course also out this week. However, I got good gouge from the exec.
  8. I can confirm that the list is out there. Now it’s up to your leadership! Good luck!
  9. I see last year the list was published on the 7th but assignments didn’t come out until the 19th. Think that’ll be the same this year?
  10. I think this may still be the case. Got word that commanders would have it for sure by Friday from one of the board facilitators. I was really hoping your Thursday gouge was good though!
  11. I can say this only because I have done my time with stripes in a support role (mind you this was over 10 years ago), don't ever underestimate the ability for a SrA to sit on something that is meaningless to them and dire information for someone else.
  12. Wonder what 'first thing in the morning' means for folks in PACAF or USAFE... maybe friday?! I was thinking anything that came out on Friday I would be waiting until the following week, so Thursday is way better regardless 🙂
  13. Next Friday the commanders will know. It is still with MGen Toth.
  14. Yes. They should have the release out by the 8th (next Friday). This is the commander's notification window, so they can choose how to let you know.
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