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  1. I have the training AFSC loaded in vMPF, no dates yet. Sent in my declination email this morning, so if anyone made the alternate list get ready for a email.
  2. AFPC will start loading one by one after public release. Then it is up to your MPF and training monitor to inform you. I would realistically envision Thursday at the soonest for most.
  3. No assignments or training rips will be loaded until after the public release. (Per AFPC)
  4. C'mon there has to be one old guy who got picked up for UPT. someone has to carry the flag for us.
  5. I scored a 56 with low flight hours. I'm sure others got picked with lower scores. I think my age did me in(34).
  6. ABM select here, going to have to weight options...have a nice next two assignments lined up.
  7. That is your ADSC for PCSing. You will always* get a 2 year ADSC for pcsing.
  8. Has anyone recieved any news yet today? Let's all hope the odds are in our favor.
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