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  1. I started out in your same situation, but eventually figured everything out. Ended up taking all of my tests at bases or joint bases. Your two best options are: 1: Email every ROTC detachment in your area, and ask when their next test date is. Some will be helpful, some only test cadets. Let them know you’re a civilian. 2: Email every FSS/Education/Testing center at every base in your area. Ask when their next test date is. Let them know you’re a civilian. Some bases will let you on just for testing. Some will send a sponsor to let you on base. Some will require that you bring a sponsor, i.e. get yourself on base. I had the best results with bases because they test more regularly (usually once a month). ROTC detachments usually only test once each semester. Remember that email is the best way to schedule both tests. Most emails are easily found online, and if it’s the wrong person, usually they’ll forward it to the right person. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Best of luck to you.
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