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  1. Confirmed! Commanders should notify you before the weekend.
  2. Also, bear in mind an AGR job and a civilian job will be governed by USERRA laws which requires an employer ‘retain’ you as an employee. While you serve on active duty orders, you still keep your civilian job **and accrue seniority** (for up to 5 years)
  3. Repayment is not necessarily a given. My bonus didn’t have any up front cash options, but I separated 7 months after my annual payout anniversary and was told by finance as long as I had worked (earned) 50% of the bonus there would be no recoupment. They haven’t taken anything back yet....
  4. Sorry to hear that; that was me two years ago, and me again last year. It forced me to make some career choice changes that I hadn’t planned on making for another 4-5 years. But I made the changes, jumped in the reserves and got a sweet civy job. This year my reserve PRF came back with a DP, oh and they didn’t reclaim any of my bonus and I got a big severance check to get out. Getting passed over sucks. But it opens other doors and opportunities. And there are people out here that still want you, need you, and value your contributions.
  5. If this is accurate, this could be a good thing! Knowing what the boss truly thinks of would be a game changer. With a moment of duplicity, I find it ironic that I want to know exactly where I stand while keeping my intentions as veiled as possible and playing their promotion game. How soon before this evolves into the meaningless shell game of: your my #1IP, your my #1SNACO, your my #1Pubs Ofcr.
  6. Are you talking about the MLR? Wing commanders have been coming together for years to stage a mock board at the MLR.
  7. +1 on this. Historical averages have been similar to this. If you’re in the zone with a DP it’s about 99% promote rate. IPZ with a P is about 45%. APZ with a P is less than 4%.
  8. +1 on this. Previous statistics confirm less than 3% chance for ABZ, and no DP.
  9. If you want to get promoted, transition to full time reserve/guard.
  10. What do you mean 'avoid a Break in Service to keep your retirement?'
  11. No ASBC. SOS-C/R, Masters and ACSC-C complete. Never a failed PT test
  12. Any of these opportunities giving up title 10 orders to get a guy to an AD retirement?
  13. I'm a 1 APZ passed over with a P. I was optimistic with so many pilots punching that my chances would be improved for this look...I guess last years 3% promote rate of APZs with a P still holds true. I'm considering reserve transition to get a real chance at O-5.
  14. How hard has it been to find Reserve jobs with a steady availability of title 10 orders?
  15. This is more complicated then simply retaining officers after two failures to promote. Congressional end strength numbers need to be considered; which means retaining passed over FGOs would have a trickle down effect, prolonging the years spent as a captain until a vacancy at the O-4 level appears. Given AFPCs current track record at planning for end strength I am highly skeptical that they would get this right on the first try.
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