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  1. Asking for NJ interviews? I took business casual to be khakis, nice shoes, button up shirt, and a tie. Some wore suits with no tie and an unbuttoned collar. I just went on the higher end of business casual to be a bit safe.
  2. Thanks! 😄 The rest of the month will be spend preparing for the interview! Just received an email today.
  3. I'm still in shock. I just got a call for an interview at the 177th ANG F-16 squadron in NJ. Good luck to everyone else who applied.
  4. News from the 177th for those who applied this year, "Good morning, According to the selecting official, notification letters for applicants non-selected for an interview will not be sent. Please watch the web site for next year’s UPT cycle. Thank you again for applying and best of luck in your future endeavors."
  5. I heard the 177th conducted interviews last week 9/8/18. I've heard a couple people saying the unit may not send rejection notifications.
  6. I asked a fighter who was standing near an F16 at the William J. Hughes Technical Center if he knew when the invitations would be going out. He said he wasn't on the boards but took my phone number and asked around when he went back to base. I got a text later in the day. I heard the 177th sends emails and phone calls out either way (Interview or not) I haven't heard formally yet. I'll get my CPL and apply again next year. Getting older though. I'l be 28 in April.
  7. Heard I didn't get an interview for the 177th ANG in NJ today. No formal email or phone call yet though.
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