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  1. So I will be keeping my current state of residence my entire military career, unless I choose to change it? Updating my current home address will be no big deal but sounds like storing it getting on and leaving base is the biggest issue.
  2. Currently I am waiting to go to OTS and just a little confused about how a CCW works in the military as well as for my civilian spouse. Do I keep my current state of residency and not have to register for a new one moving to different states? Or do I have to register it at every state that I move to? Also how it works having one on base. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  3. Thanks that helps a lot! Shouldn't have to change much.
  4. I am a pilot select waiting to go to OTS and am wanting to prepare for UPT as much as possible. I am currently working out preparing for OTS but was wondering at the beginning of UPT if I'm wanting to go fighter/bomber do I have to lift a certain amount of weight to qualify? Currently I'm not lifting heavy but will start if I need to qualify
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