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  1. Thanks for the replies! RunningMan good luck in UPT. how old were you when you got picked up to go to UPT? After being in fuels for 10 years, assuming 28 or so?
  2. Aside from the obvious things such as a solid AFOQT/PCSM score, being a good dude, interviewing well, and flying hours, I was wondering if holding a particular AFSC would help you get selected at an ANG or Reserve unit. I'd be applying to fighter squadrons, and I'd imagine it would matter to them more than it would a heavy unit. I'm a JTAC (1C4) that's been to SERE water survival and all that good stuff. Just curious, still gonna knock the other stuff outta the park to be competitive. Thanks!
  3. Is being a JTAC-I (I am one) held in high regard with most fighter squadrons? Just trying to gauge how much or how little it would actually matter.
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