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  1. UPT select on the second try. Instructor Navigator (CSO) 80 PCSM (PPL w/ 81 hrs) 85 Pilot, 95 Nav Congratulations to those who were selected. Those who weren't.. keep your heads up and don't let go of the dream.
  2. There were really only 3 or 4 people on here that found out today?
  3. Don't post the list. I know the waiting sucks, but the Commanders need to be afforded the opportunity
  4. I think that's huge- first time they've put an actual date to Commander notifications and not just left us guessing. I'll cheers to that.
  5. Was there ever an actual projected date associated with the release? The PSDM only said November but I'm curious if that was an early or late November.
  6. Honestly just trying not to think about it. Another 2 months before we find out :/
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Do you know where/ how he found out? My CC doesn't have anything yet
  8. I was told 20 Dec is the projected date, but is dependent on if the timeline goes as planned. If not the 20th then most likely after the new year.
  9. Still not great- I'm assuming we're in the same community based on his handle- they don't release a lot of instructors out of here, but I'd say it's gotten better. Good luck to you and thank God I'm not an instructor yet!
  10. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I know several who were picked up and are not pcsing until the end of December. It's anyone's guess what's going to happen
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