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  1. Spicoli

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    Still nothing...
  2. Spicoli

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    Has anyone else received an email from the 181st AS in Fort Worth saying that you would be contacted by the selecting official to set up an interview? It was kind of a bizarre email. Just curious if anyone has heard anything else.
  3. C-130 Unit. Board consisted of 6 people (pilots, nav, flight engineer, loadmaster). Tell us about yourself and how you ended up here. Why the C-130, why this city, why this unit? Tell us about a time you had a disagreement with a co-worker/supervisor. UPT is hard, tell us about a time you failed and how you overcame the failure. Weaknesses question (reworded as a “strengths that are lacking” or something along those lines). Question about how I handle leadership (“We aren’t hiring co-pilots, we’re hiring future aircraft commanders. How do you handle leadership?”). What are your plans post seasoning? Have you applied anywhere else? Then they asked my about my flying time (had a several month break in my log book). There may have been one or two more; I’ll edit later if they pop up. This thread was very helpful in my preparation for the interview and I walked out feeling pretty good about it. It was my first interview and, of course, there are things I would’ve said a little different in hindsight but overall I was prepared for what they asked and nothing came as too much of a surprise. Great board, everyone was friendly and it was pretty relaxed. Whole thing took about 25 minutes. Should be hearing something any day now...
  4. Spicoli

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    I’m going for a UPT board. Packets were due October 15.
  5. Spicoli

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    Anyone headed to the 130th AS in Charleston this weekend?
  6. Any E-8 pilots around? Have some general questions I’d love ask if possible. Cheers!
  7. Spicoli

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    I heard from POC late last night. He said they were currently going over packages.
  8. Spicoli

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    I think this question is ok to post here as it's relevant to the topic, but if not please let me know. How do you address a Lt Col in an email/cover letter? I've been using "Col" but I asked my dad (retired 0-6) and he said "Lt Col" and that you should only use "Col" when speaking to them. I'd imagine either are safe and probably won't make or break an application, but I'd love any input you have. BONUS: I've seen letters signed both as "LtCol" and "Lt Col". Space or no space?
  9. Spicoli

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    is anyone else planning to visit 100th FS in Alabama during their october drill? It will be my first visit to a unit as a UPT applicant, so any advice would be very welcome! Is it worth it for me to go for the whole weekend? Or just stay for one day? My scores aren't incredible (92 AFOQT, 69 PCSM with 7 hours) and I know it's a super long shot but it's drivable and if you don't ask the answer is always "no" 🤷‍♂️ also, was planning on bringing a bottle of bourbon. That is cool/acceptable, yes?
  10. True...I was die-hard of the "where there's a will, there's a way" mindset until I finally had it confirmed from some higher ups that they do not do age waivers for civ pilot slots. I'd like to go AD but I'm embracing the opportunity of the guard for now.
  11. Looks like this only applies to officers already serving, yes? I'm a civilian 🙁. I wish they would extend the civilian age cut-off, or at least allow waivers.
  12. Thanks for all of the feedback! I feel way better about it. Now I just have to picked up somewhere...
  13. FINALLY was able to physical at MEPS today after fighting medical records/waiver battles for 6 months. 20/20 vision but I failed the depth perception part of the eye exam. Has this happened to anyone else? The AF liaison office at MEPS said that it doesn't really matter until you go for your flight physical, so I'm curious if it is the same test up there or something different. NOTE: this physical was for an AD pilot packet but I'm going to age out soon (turn 29 in January) and I'm not interested in RPA. Basically went through to make sure I was fit to serve, etc. but I'm planning on applying to several guard units in the next couple months. Any info would be greatly appreciated!