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  1. Anyone heard from the 107th from Selridge or anything from Portsmouth, NH?
  2. Just talked to the 76th our of mcguire. They are doing a joint board with the 78th. The new board date will be on November. The deadline for the 78th is some time in October.
  3. Seems likely they will have to push their board back a few weeks. Thanks for the update.
  4. Anybody heard back from the 76th out of McGuire?
  5. Anyone heard anything from the 76th out of McGuire?
  6. So would u just drill at the unit for a while before u go to upt?
  7. The agewaiver gets processed AFTER you swear in?
  8. Do they normally tell everyone at one time or is it sometimes spread out over a week or so?
  9. How do you know that u didn't get an interview then?
  10. Quick I need help! I just got an email back from a unit im trying to interview with and they said they want my FAA flight physical form however I'm in the army and all I have is a DD form 2992. I've talked to them about this but they said they want the regulation per the FAA cited in my application. Can anybody help me find it? I'm on leave right now so I can't really get to a computer and my cell reception is spotty at best.
  11. How hard would it be to work with HRC in order to to line up my ETS date with upt start date?
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