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  1. List will be posted publically tomorrow. Your CC should know your line number.
  2. Should be releasing when notifications go out.
  3. Most of those were deleted by AFPC, specifically the ones that referenced this site along with the intel that was posted regarding the reason of the delay etc. But there are still some funny ones up there, in my opinion. Like the one who posted today asking when is soon, as if they cannot comprehend 19 June is the release date and the ones that still think this board will have a promotion rate of 100%.
  4. Yes, and there are several hundred comments that are on that page. Why someone would comment on that page, especially since it displays name, rank, etc., to display rumors or news that isn't official is beyond me. But alas, they do.
  5. FYSA, if anyone here falls under AFIT, expect notifications on Monday. p.s. please do not post this to any other site to include Facebook, Twitter, Air Force promotions page on portal, etc. k, thx.
  6. They already did with a 6+ month coordination and release fiasco because they decided to second guess the SRs.
  7. I suspect you are exactly correct.
  8. AFPC can't seem to get it together at any level.
  9. I don't think the alleged 19 June release is going to hold for the CY17D board. There hasn't been any public release announced and they have no officially stated whether or not it has fully cleared OSD. AFPC seems to be out to lunch with regards to this.
  10. That's a very good question. Never said any of this made any sense.
  11. To an extent permitted by law, which is why they have experts who adjudicate these matters through the MEB process and not the promotion board process. The reason it is taking so long is upon review at HAF, it was noticed that someone people who received a P from their commanders probably should not have when their record contained several QFIs that would otherwise make them not qualified to serve in the next higher grade. Instead of attaching a PRF and/or sending a PRF, commanders just used this "new" process to slip them in. As such, HAF went through every record to make sure those who were promoted actually "deserved it" based on members' OPRs, medals, TRs, and the OSB.
  12. And they think they are getting sued now from HIV guy. If the military stops promoting people based on medical status, I could see this going wrong in so many ways, it's not even funny. And to pick a board that should've been 100% promote to test it out is beyond stupid.
  13. They are probably going to say: "Well that was a nice experiment. We are going to file that one as evidence, throw the results out, and skip over '09. CY18D will proceed without '09. '09, thank you for your service; it reflects great credit upon yourself and the United States Air Force. Now goodbye."
  14. And they wonder why there is a retention problem. Instead of remedying actually broken things, they break things and then attempt to fix what they just broke.
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