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  1. The steps I’ve taken aren’t very big steps. I feel the motivation but the foggy path to upt is a stressful path to take. I know I’ll figure it out however I can. I will say this though once I’m actually a cadet I will try and be the best cadet I can be. I’m not a very academic person so I’m a little worried I won’t be able to easily get a slot. I’m sure there will be a lot of people going after the same goal as mine in my class. I’ve read the post about increasing your chances, seems like good advice.
  2. First and foremost thanks for reading, I’m currently enlisted in the af. One year mark is coming up in August, I signed a four year contract and haven’t been able to start college yet (different story). I’ve been saving up for my ppl and doing research on Rotc vs guard/reserve. I want to fly tankers, or any heavy jet to be fair. Im 20, I’m a little stressed about what I should be doing now up until I’m in Rotc. I’m worried Rotc won’t be the best way to get a pilot slot. I’ve been considering calling the detachment but I’m not sure what to ask. By the time I’m in Rotc I’ll be 24 (unless I get accepted into a scholarship program). This is a very hard goal I’m shooting for, I applaud anyone who’s made it far enough to earn their wings. Sometimes I feel discouraged and unmotivated to keep chasing this dream, I don’t know what I should do. Right now I’m being the best maintainer I can be and learning my job, working on starting college. I don’t want to lose sight of my goals and hope to hear some more advice. This forum is awesome, I’ve posted a few similar threads. Anyways thanks for reading! Edit: forgot to ask for advice on detachments around the Tampa area, specifically USF.
  3. I know this is an old post, however, when applying to guard units does it have to be the guard unit you're currently stationed to? How do interviews work, do you travel out of pocket? Thanks!
  4. I’m married so the academy is out of the question, also I can’t start college classes until I’m done with my CDCs. Bummer.
  5. Currently active duty, e-2, just turned 20. I’m almost done with my cdcs and can hopefully start college ASAP. My plan is to join Rotc, get a high pcsm with some flight hours and get a pilot slot. My question is what steps should I take today, or tomorrow to reach this goal. I have a plan, but what can I do to ensure it doesn’t fall through. Sorry if this isn’t the place for this post. Thanks for reading.
  6. active duty seems like the best option right now for me, I could see guard/ reserve working out if I get out after four years and do college full time and then apply for guard units. With a ppl in hand and everything, however what are the chances of that working out? Like I said I’m pretty young still so I can really go either way. I just don’t want to miss out on the Rotc opportunity only to get out and try to get slot through reserve and not be able to.
  7. Hello, so first and foremost I apologize if this post is in the wrong thread. I’ve been looking around and haven’t found anything to specifically answer my questions. I’ve been browsing the Air Force subreddit, posted a lot on there in regards on advice and guidance in general. A pilot (civilian who’s trying to join the ang) told me about this website so I thought I’d give it a shot. Alright so some background info, as the title suggests I’m currently active duty. 20 years old, based in macdill with the stratotanker. Maintainer, I joined with zero college, almost done with my cdcs so I can start working on my associates. This is where it starts to get a little hairy for me. I’ve spoken with a captain about two or three scholarships the Air Force offers for Rotc. My hopes are to get accepted into these programs and further my education full time and get my ppl to increase my pcsm. Also to have a high gpa and commanders ranking obviously. Now where things get confusing to me is I keep hearing to go ang or reserve. And I was hoping to get some more advice on that, not only that but advice on what choices to make now and what steps to take. I read that macdill also has a guard unit, I went to a briefing on palace chase and palace front which is essentially a program to join guard either 2 years before your contract is up or when your re-enlistment date comes around. So if for some reason I don’t get accepted into these scholarships does that seem like a feasible option? If so do I join with my associates and go to college full time (Rotc) and also be in the guard? Is that something you’re able to do? Financially is this do able? I’m married FYI. Well I can go on and on about this, I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to figuring all of this out, it’s something I love doing. Flying is something I enjoy and am hoping to make the most out of my career. It just seems like something that’s out of my reach, which is strange because of all the routes I see. In a sense the more research I do the more unsure I am about WHAT to do. So thanks for reading this short essay on how confused I am, I’m hoping I can get some clarity from people who either A. Have done it or B. Know how it’s done. Again thanks for taking the time to read.
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