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  1. I havnt seen any emails, and I think me and Bob were supposed to be in the same class.
  2. how did you guys get notified? I havnt seen anything in my email yet
  3. What exactly do we need for MFS? I sent my PRK stuff already and have my medical records ordered (hopefully in time for me to actually bring). Is there anything else I need to bring with me?
  4. UPT at Randolph in May 2020 and MFS Jan 22. No IFS for me
  5. If you are already commissioned, in my experience you write your own Letter and route it up for them to tweak and sign. If you are talking about civilian bosses, then yea they should write it, but I would provide a list of your accomplishments and whatnot. I would ask for the letter ASAP so you dont have to worry about them. For the AF, the format is typically a paragraph about your extracurricular (i.e volunteering), a paragraph about the work youve done for the person signing the letter, a paragraph about your past achievements in the AF (awards, strong impacting stuff, etc) and then the last paragraph about how you are a hard worker and a perfect fit for whatever you are applying for. I think the Tongue and Quill has a template Yes they should sign.
  6. Looks like I'm going to UPT! 84 PCSM (201 HR PPL) 74 Pilot 4.0 GPA with and MBA I will update with rankings when I can see them, but I think I was 1/1
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