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  1. All, Have some questions about the waiver process for a FC1 physical/MEPS physical if you had asthma as a child. I took the Methacholine Challenge Test with a civilian doctor and passed it with flying colors. Do you have to re-take the MCT during your FC1 physical? Also, how is the climate for asthma waivers? I know I've already asked this question but want to get more SA. I've heard they are still denying candidates with a history even if they pass a MCT, or something as simple as getting issued an inhaler even if you never use it.
  2. I'm going through the guard medical process and now need to pursue a PRK waiver and an asthma waiver. I don't know how long it will take to get these waivers approved (I have all paperwork and medical history in my hand), but is it possible for the asthma waiver to take so long that I lose my guard slot for the current FY and have to rush and apply all over again?
  3. Since I'm on the guard side of the house and they have so many slots per year and lose them if they don't use them, will I lose my slot if the waiver process takes too long assuming I can get approved?
  4. That is nuts, did he tell you how much he fought it? That sounds so cut and dry, almost like there is stuff he isn't telling you. That or the waiver process is run by Nazi doctors...
  5. Haha thanks man, trade you an apache slot for a UPT slot?
  6. Oh shit good to know. Wish me luck boys, can't weasel out of this one.
  7. I'm getting ready to go through the medical process for the Guard but have a history of asthma. I took the Methacholine Challenge Test with a civilian doctor and passed it recently clearing me of asthma. I have read the AF waiver guide thoroughly and I do NOT have a history after my 13th birthday. I've also been talking to folks who've been through the process and who are already in the guard that if I disclose my history then I am screwed even if I am able to pass a MCT. Apparently they are denying people again with any mention of asthma. I want to keep my mouth shut at MEPS and WP but my only concern is I grew up as a dependent, and was treated at the Air Force Academy hospital with all of my asthma records, and apparently there is a DOD database for medical records (AHLTA)? So am I pretty much screwed either way? No way to slip under the radar and not disclose my asthma history?
  8. Yeah, wondering if it's even worth the effort to pursue this. Don't want to get distracted from the main goal here. Thanks for the responses.
  9. My local reserve recruiter is strapped for time and won't work with dudes doing the guard route. I'm wanting to work all avenues, and I know reserves can send you to MEPS and your FC1 pretty quickly to see if you qualify medically. I'm conflicted because I don't want to lie and say I'm only working with the reserves and then get screwed because something pops up on their system, but on the other hand I'm the only one who cares about my career and I want to take the initiative to get through MEPS and my FC1 to become even more competitive for boards. Does anyone have thoughts on this?
  10. Gentleman, Would it help for any fighter application to list if you have been alternated at other fighter units? I've been told it might help but listing you came in 2nd place looks more like a backhanded compliment not worth mentioning. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks guys, don't mean to be having a stupid pity party. I'm moving forward and keeping the hope cause you're right, alternate means something and it sure does feel like I'm close!
  12. I sure hope so. This is my 4th fighter interview, 2nd alternate spot. I do ask for feedback, it's the typical "we liked you but we like this guy better". Probably just post rejection blues but I feel like I'm everyone 2nd choice. Gotta get back on the train!
  13. Does getting alternated a couple of times mean you're un-hire-able?
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