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  1. Hello all I have a pilot slot with an AF Reserve unit, and I am currently processing a waiver with the Air Force Reserve Surgeon General. I have been told it is a waiverable issue, although sometimes doesn’t go through unfortunately, and this may be the case this time. My question is, do Air National Guard and AF Reserve both use different waiver approving authorities at the Surgeon General level? I was told, that both Reserve and Air National Guard use different waiver approving authorities (AF Reserve uses AF Reserve Surgeon General, and ANG uses State Air Surgeon) I am looking at the worst case scenario, in case it doesn’t go through, I could try ANG. Thanks!
  2. I spoke to the AF officer recruiter for my area, and they confirmed that it’s for reserve and guard as well (assuming the officer accessions recruiter is correct) and that it will flow down in a couple of weeks or so Cheers
  3. New Rated age is 33 now. Attached is the MFR which states it. Good luck everyone. MFR for UPT Age Limit 33.pdf
  4. I was told across the board, so guard, reserve, and AD.
  5. Heads up to people on this thread. There was an mfr to raise the upt age from 30 to 33. To those who are age critical that gives you extra time to apply to units now. MFR for UPT Age Limit 33.pdf
  6. Buddy of mine got a rejection from 104th FS in Baltimore, but haven't heard of any interview invites from anyone yet. I haven't heard anything from them either.
  7. Another question to add to this thread: How feasible is it for someone to be in HI ANG and live in another state (such as CA, AZ or OR). Is something like this commonly done or worth doing? Or should it be expected for someone to live in the same state?
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