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  1. Applying for UPT

    Haven’t taken either yet. Within the next few weeks I’ll knock those out. I’m going to study up a bit and get my mind thinking along those lines. I graduated with my degree in 2010 and haven’t been in any real academic mindset since then. Really just want to brush up on math & work on aviation knowledge. This entire post is putting the cart before the horse I realize. Just wanted to hear other stories from folks whom were in similar situations.
  2. Applying for UPT

    Thanks for the replies! Was the learning curve quite steep from zero flight hours to getting some in a diamond to now flying T6s? My Home unit is a fighter unit. They atleast want me to have solo’d an airplane by the board but really would prefer me to be PPL complete. I’m 32 now so this will basically be my last chance. My unit is more than willing to push the age waiver for me. I’m not the quitting type so I know if I were to wash out I’m going down swinging instead of watching the 3rd strike go by.
  3. Applying for UPT

    I’ve been enlisted at my guard unit for 12 years all of it being spent in OPS. Starting at the end of last year it was asked why I hadn’t yet applied for a UPT slot. The simple answer was I had never flown an airplane and having seen some of the apps come through figured I didn’t think I would have much of a chance. As the weeks went on more pilots made reference to me potentially applying and thinking it was a good idea. I guess me being a generally good dude and always trying to help does indeed pay off. All these happenings and other talks now have me about to start my PPL and get that shit knocked out prior to our next board. While I’m not guaranteed a slot nor should I be it does make me feel more confident about my chances. Im currently a full time AGR with a wife and Kid. I love working in the squadron and interacting with everyone but have felt for quite some time I’m capable of doing bigger things. I bitch to my Wife about this at times. Now I have this potential opportunity and I can’t get the thought of failure out of my mind. Maybe I’ve done to much reading online of UPT washouts. I’d hate to be selected and dick it away and come home to only a part time job if my unit would still keep me. I feel like a jackass for posting this but maybe someone else had a similar situation and could put shit into perspective for me. One of my thought processes is to throw caution to the wind and go for it. If for some reason I wash out then I guess I guess I find another job & say it I tried.