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  1. 2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    I guess there's good and bad news there for you. Last year rated applicants weren't required to rank ABM, so you wouldn't have to worry about that one atleast. The bad news... You said you don't have portal access? Does that mean you are new to AD and are in the RPA pipeline right now? If so, I believe you have to have 2.5 years post training to apply. That'll also in the board release when it drops though.
  2. 2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Not sure there's anyway to know that until the release drops, but I would speculate that that will be the case again. They ran into the problem of not being able to fill ABM and CSO slots two boards ago because not enough people ranked them, so by making you rank all of them, then they can fill all their slots. Who knows though? Maybe they'll change their mind. It does appear those slots are going to people with lower scores when you check out the stats on the portal. There also are far few of those slots than pilot, so it doesn't seem that likely you'd get them if you put in a little time to get a competitive package. The ones I know that have gotten those slots, are the ones that just wanted a career change and didn't really care what they got.
  3. 2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    That's what I am assuming, but I'm not sure of an official announcement saying that. The past two board releases have dropped in June. If they sped it up, it wouldn't hurt my feels though.
  4. First off, congrats to all of those that were selected for the 2018 board! I know the MyPers release has not dropped yet, but I wanted to go ahead and put this thread up because last year one of the board members was nice enough to reach out and give us info early on here. Also, it lets everyone thinking of applying get a head start on asking questions. Best of luck to everyone, and I look forward to seeing the updates!
  5. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    Dutch566 did you have an ETP too? If not, would you mind sharing your PCSM?