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  1. I don't. I'd say there's plenty of us that still don't. Looks like the ones with them already are the same ones that got notified first. I guess not all FSS are created equal lol.
  2. Those of you with MFS dates, are you using the projected training with this title? I assume that must be it since it says it's one day, and the last three letters are MFS.
  3. I'm expecting the TDYs to get loaded tomorrow based off of last year's turnaround. The PCSs though probably closer to the end of the week or the beginning of the next.
  4. Out of curiosity, does anyone know how alternates work? Are there some for each job, and what happens if they reject? Like do people get slotted URT alternate only, and then if they get a real slot and reject it could they reapply? Seems silly to make an alternate held to the same standard as the actual selects.
  5. That sounds in line with last year. The guy I know that was picked up last year found out TDYs the week of the public release, and his PCS was put in a couple days after that. It sounds like they already have the info, they just aren't going to push it out before CC's have had a chance to notify people of selection. Makes sense since I've still yet to hear anything from my cc.
  6. Also, I know someone mentioned it. If you want to try and get a little advance notice, your MPF should show training pending once they have you in the system.
  7. Purely judging off of last year's thread, it looks like selects will know around Monday for the Wright-Pat physical, IFT, UPT dates. I know a guy picked up last year, and if you need IFT then they will most likely TDY you from your current job before you PCS for UPT.
  8. Lol yeap. That's what everyone who saw my package thought too. No waivers. No ETPs. 25 y/o. 4.0 GPA tech major. I'll know for sure on the 14th at least.
  9. Dang... Well, you guys are giving me a little hope I guess. I had accept defeat. Still haven't heard anything. I had a 99 pilot, 92 PCSM, 61 hours with PPL. If anyone has the list, hit me up. Maybe I did actually get something.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, what was your PCSM? I still don't have any word back, so I'm just curious.
  11. If you find someone, I'd appreciate someone letting me know to! My commander isn't holding out on me. He says he's still hasn't received the list...
  12. The FC1 is scheduled by them. It's a TDY and will happen before you ever PCS. When it happens really depends on how much time you have between class start and the results. They assume you will pass the follow up exam, so you will get a PCS date at the same time pretty much as you get your appointment date. Some base med groups actually do the full exam, and you don't have to go the Wright Pat at all. This is a question, I've wondered too. Fortunately, I'm not in that situation, but from talking to IPs and people in the pipeline now, it doesn't seem like it's a deal breaker if you don't have a TS for training. I've been told by a couple people they never saw anything beyond unclassified. Makes sense though. It sounds like classified material is when you get your actual airframe and more so for operational missions.
  13. I have the exact same feeling as you. Last year's release was delayed around two weeks, but they also had the gov't shutdown and the suprise extra money. I think they probably delayed to add the extra slots. Hopefully with there being a lot more predictability this year, it'll all be on time. Who knows though? I never thought they'd be pushing the deadline and expanding waivers either...
  14. That's my question too... Originally the release said we'd know mid-December, so I figured it would be on commanders' desks by maybe the 10th. When I submitted my package though, they emailed me saying I should know late December. That didn't make a ton of sense to me though because I figured AFPC would be on minimal manning then. I'm hoping the late December is the official release, and that our commanders will get the early notification before everyone is off for Christmas. Also, it doesn't make too much sense how they expect short notice PCS's to start in January if they are telling you late December. Two weeks to get orders and out process seems pretty tight!
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