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  1. I'm prior ATC, although I haven't been selected yet. But it makes sense having some experience in the Ops world is going to give you brownie points.
  2. According to my flight doc, as long as there were no complications and you pass the FC1 eye exam you don't need a waiver anymore for eye surgery
  3. So interesting news, went to finish up my FC1 physical and the doc said they reduced the eye requirement last week... So turns out I won't need a waiver for my PRK surgery.
  4. My current Commander is a F15 WSO and he said he believes you’re less likely to get selected from rated communities due to their critical Manning and longer training time. Non rated dudes can have a “replacement” trained in a much shorter time than the 3+ years it takes to get a MQd WSO etc.
  5. Great advise, found some YouTube Ground School videos that have some good information as well. Thanks.
  6. Commander at my base told his Lt 112 were selected for rated out of 200 applicants. Not sure what kind of Pilot/CSO/RPA/ABM spread but seems like a pretty good year for us AD guys. I didn't apply this year, but will be chasing the 2019 board...Grats to all the selects!
  7. Studying for the AFOQT and having trouble finding great study information for the Aviation Knowledge section... Has anyone found a useful resource that will actually help prepare someone to crush that section? I have zero flying hours, will work on my PPL once I get home from my deployment, so that route for knowledge won't work for me. Preparing for the 2019 AD UPT Board.
  8. Random, but related... How competitive is the AD Board compared to OTS/ROTC/Etc? I'm an Academy guy who didn't apply for rated while I was there (Oops), but if you managed to graduate in the upper 75% of the class, a spot was all but guarenteed. Do we know the rough acceptance rate here?
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