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  1. Heard some rumble of changes in UPT with things like timelines and evaluations, anyone have any insight? Just curious what they’d be changing to increase production.
  2. A memo was just released to enable one and two year programs again at certain schools. Three year would be easy at almost every university. You can go rated reserves out of ROTC, not sure about ANG. Scholarships are mostly for STEM majors. Prior E dudes usually do better than most others in the program and a pilot slot is pretty easy to obtain. Contact schools you’re interested in/would move to and ask the Detachment.
  3. Just had his happen to my buddy. They pulled a few guys from RPA as long as they did well at IFT and hadn’t started the next phase of training. Luck and timing.
  4. Stats from 2018. To beat the average, I’d say you’d want to be over 80 PCSM still and getting your PPL doesn’t hurt. Also, really check out that thread from the year before for changes/consideration issues.
  5. True. Also, hopefully next year there is more transparency for dudes who have AFSC’s that they aren’t pulling. I know a couple of dudes here who either shelled out dollars for a PPL or busted ass on their package for AFPC to tell them after selection that they weren’t considered. Maybe I’m off base, it was just a interesting board.
  6. Anyone have an issue with a break in DEROS approval?
  7. Anyone have an idea when assignments/RIPs are to be expected?
  8. My commander still doesn’t have the list. Something about AFPC and the Wing not wanting to release it. Guess I’ll log into MyPers to see it tomorrow. Good luck to all!
  9. I didn’t see in any ANG apps I started anywhere that asked if I declined UFT. Reserves one asks though.
  10. I would assume either placed in the AF215 would have access. This sentence is interesting, “Official assignment notification occurs on day eight when the Airman receives the notification email, logs into virtual MPF and acknowledges receipt. “ So your commander is only doing you a solid by telling you early?
  11. So your MPF is who it would be routed to. http://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1421496/advance-assignment-notification-enhancement-prompts-commander-airmen-career-dis/
  12. So only CC’s can see or email 2 March?
  13. Anyone know if you have your PPL will they still send you to RPA IFT?
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