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  1. Can anyone provide some insight on this recruiter portal? My package was sent to HQ a month ago, and my recruiter seems unaware of any sort of tracking through HQ and NGB.
  2. The timeline can drag out for a variety of reasons, but you usually swear in a couple months after being selected. You have to be sworn into the unit in order to receive orders to attend your FC1 physical.
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    Can anyone give info on applying to 457FS? I emailed Lt Col Goldsberry but never heard back. Should still be able get the app in if someone can just let me know whats required and where to send it.
  4. Thread revival... Civilian living the cubicle life. Recently picked up by KC-135 ANG unit for UPT. Swore in and now waiting to get sent to FC1 in a couple months. Hypothetically, if I get picked up by a fighter squadron before or after my FC1, would I be able to drop the 135 unit even though I’ve sworn in already?