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  1. I had called the Columbus transition office asking that very question and was told to hold tight. We get issued them when we arrive. Only folks needing to buy flight suits prior to showing are the IFT peeps.
  2. That’s complete BS. Everyone here basically went to their own flight med and said “hey I’m applying for this board and it requires me to get a physical”. The push back seems unheard of. Where are you stationed? I bet someone in this thread from your base has already done this and can get you with the right people.
  3. Out of curiosity, for those who aren’t going to Pueblo, has anyone received actual UPT class dates?
  4. They’ve had F-22/35 drops. Not a lot of them, but they are out there. You’ll track heavies or fighter/bomber first. Drop nights don’t happen till the very end. My advice, don’t worry about dropping F-35’s out the gate. Worry about what it takes to get there (i.e. taking it one day at a time). If you do the small things right, it’ll open up opportunities for you later in training.
  5. My guess would be because you were given a color vision waiver before the new standards changed? Talking with USAFSAM, there are no waivers given for color anymore (I’m a color guy too). Either you pass or you don’t. DM me and I can give you my POC who should be able to answer your question.
  6. For those who have their assignments and RIPs, does your SURF reflect it as a projected new assignment?
  7. I have not. My CDB in vMPF shows my secondary AFSC as 92T0, but I’ve received nothing. My home station also already has my base out processing checklist loaded.. literally waiting on a RIP.
  8. What does your physical say? If it says pending MFS, then you will have to come TDY to WP. Those of us who work here or work close and received our physicals from USAFSAM, should not have to see MFS again. Talking to folks at MFS, they say that it doesn’t matter where your physical was conducted. When folks get selected, they want all selects to come to WP so they can be seen. That way, there is a standard for all folks receiving physicals. Some bases have been lienent in the past and given people physicals when they maybe shouldn’t have. If your physical doesn’t say pending MFS, you probably won’t need to be seen again.
  9. The PSDM of last year’s results gave caveats to the alternates. Some were limited to specific jobs, others were alternates for everything. I’m sure it all depends on your medical. No clue on the rejection piece...
  10. Negative. Color standards changed this past spring from what they were back in 2013. My new CCT score was within the new standards, so my FC1 reflects that of a clean, waiver/ETP-free medical. I had routed an ETP years prior for this board and was denied at the VCSAF level.
  11. UPT Select (was UPT select out of ROTC, failed medical) Pilot: 84 PCSM: 85 (PPL, 110 hrs) Age: 26, Capt
  12. PPL/85 PCSM here. No ENJJPT. I think the math I did last year on the ENJJPT selects, of the 8ish they were selected, 6 or 7 were 12X’s. @CABO0725 are you currently rated? I could be wrong lol (I’m not a rated guy currently)
  13. GS-15 notified me from my senior rater, UPT select! Best of luck to those who haven’t found out yet!
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