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  1. KEND 19-04/19-05 T-38s only, cant remember all the T-1s 19-04 F-15E E-3 F-22 B-52 T-6 Vance F-15 Singapore F-16 TBD F-22 19-05 RC-135 C-130J Dyess A-10 HC-130 DM AC-130 F-16 TBD
  2. Anyone hear the UPT Next drops from last friday? Rumor is 4 F-16s and 2 F-35s for the ACC guys
  3. Vance 18-04 T-38s F16 F22 F15e A10 F15c (guard) U-28 (x2) B-52 T-1s C17 Kc135 Kc135 C130j (guard) C17 Kc10 Kc10 C17 C21 C17 C130j C130 guard C17 C130j C17 T6 C17
  4. Vance 18-03 T-38s F-16 Holloman F-16 Kelly T-6 E-3 Tinker MC-130J F-15E C-17 Saudis BAE Hawk T-38 Randolf (x2)