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    Becoming the best pilot that this country will ever lay their eyes upon, to become the wielder of a fighter joy stick so I don't have to be burdened by the non-realistic happenings in video games. Interested in alcoholic beverages and swisher sweet cigarets.

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  1. Upcoming Boards

    Did they already hire someone?
  2. Upcoming Boards

    Okay well what about Fresno, and Fort Worth? Anyone hear back from DC yet???
  3. Upcoming Boards

    Thanks all! I am just extremely curious as to if Colorado has already selected their UPT candidate yet! Anyone know if interviews are done yet?!
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    I’m just asking for a friend!
  5. Upcoming Boards

    Asking for a friend
  6. Upcoming Boards

    Has anyone heard back from Colorado or Massachusetts interviews?
  7. Applying for UPT

    Hey now, I'm atoning for my sins and trying to be a positive contributor. Anyway I'm sure you read these forums and know all the study materials to get. Definitely be getting ready for the written test on your PPL or have it complete by the time you take your AFOQT because the aviation section on it is pretty much identical. Good luck and keep chasing the dream.
  8. Applying for UPT

    Have you taken TBAS or AFOQT? What are you scores?