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  1. Standard Interview Questions

    When the board asks "any questions or concerns for us" should we just STFU and say no? Job interviews in the civilian world generally frown upon a candidate who doesn't have any questions.
  2. Meet and Greet Etiquette

    The one scheduled for March 2nd and 3rd is rescheduled for Feb 9-11. The Jan 5th and 6th still happened though.
  3. Meet and Greet Etiquette

  4. Meet and Greet Etiquette

    I would also add that don't spend too much time socializing with the other applicants. I saw a lot of people talk more with each other than get to know the other pilots and that astounded me.
  5. Was just at Buckley's meet n greet. Saw some good and bad. Some guys didn't know when to STFU, others seemed to not speak that much. Some brought booze as a gift and others didn't. Everyone obviously wants to get the pilot slot but might not know how to act and present themselves at these meet n greets. For those of you running these boards or experienced bros, what tips do you have specifically for these meet ups? At what point do we stop annoying one pilot and go on to the next? What do we not do? Help us get these UPT positions!
  6. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    Yeah. Slept on this one and I definitely will not enlist. Though, I am going to keep my eyes dead set on fighters. Always been a dream of mine and I am not bagging on heavies but I don't want to fly those. Going to try my best with Buckley but looks like I have to have a solid contingency plan.
  7. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    Would anyone know of enlisting into Buckley? I am not young but am starting to get close to get close to the cut off age if I considered enlisting. I would imagine I would be near 26 when all is said and done. How much greater of a chance would I get by enlisting? Anyone know if they hire more from within or on the street?
  8. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    That was definitely my plan. Beggars cannot be choosers. It's just bad for me that Buckley only has boards once every 3-4 years since I'm already going to be 24 this spring so this is my one and only shot at Buckley for UPT. I could come back as rated, but that would be way down the road. I would still just be happy to be sitting in the cockpit of a fighter though so that's really all that matters.
  9. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    In other words this is an impossible unit to get into and this is a chance of a lifetime. Damn... a dude can dream though!
  10. Hey everyone, I think this will be a half rant and half legitimate questions. Anyway here it goes. I just took the TBAS and my PCSM score is really low at a 25 with 1 flight hour. My AFOQT pilot score is sitting very low at 74. Buckley's pilot board is this March, so I can retake the AFOQT by then, and get my PPL. Theoretically speaking, my PCSM score for hours 41-60 goes to 45 and if I get 90+ on the pilot section in the AFOQT, then I can raise my PCSM to 60-70 if that sounds about right. I can take the TBAS again maybe before they start conducting interviews so if I score higher the second time, then that can be a talking point. This was all theoretically speaking and for my sanity but now on to the real stuff. Here are my stats for reference. PCSM - 25 w/ 1 flight hour AFOQT - P74 N84 AA26 V35 Q23 GPA - 2.21 Age - 24 Buckley would be my dream unit though I can't find much info on Buckley online. What I have found is that this is one of the hardest ANG units to get hired into. Would anyone with knowledge of Buckley or any current or former fighter pilots at Buckley care to weigh in on getting selected? Looking at my stats, I know there is no way I could get in now. But what if my theoretical scores became my actual scores? Would it be beneficial for me to enlist or is that risky? I would love to be a Redeye but it is my first priority to get into the cockpit of a fighter. Any and all insight is greatly appreciated.