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    Med ETP ambiguity

    Little background on me: I am an AD Capt / Flight/CC with 90 PCSM, 93 Pilot AFOQT, 100 PFA, and #2/5 Strat from WG/CC for UFT application. I feel like all this would give me a good shot if I could just get an ETP. I've been working through the ETP process and wondered if anyone could give me some insight into how it works. I was prepping my package all last year and encountered some medical issues (diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, 2017). I found out through research that about 95% of AD pilots in the AF that were diagnosed with the same issue were waived. Requested a waiver, but was denied. Typical considering I'm an untrained asset. I began the ETP process as soon as i could in September. In late November, I heard that it was signed by my MAJCOM/CC and thought "sweet, now I just need the AF/CV's signature." I just heard yesterday from my WG/CC that the AF/CV won't sign it because there are already enough applications at the board this year that don't need an ETP. Is this how the ETP works? Is it associated with a specific year's UFT board? I thought the ETP was a deal where you get a definitive answer on whether or not you are deemed fit or unfit to accomplish the AF's pilot mission sets. Thanks for any gouge anyone can give me on this situation.