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  1. Thanks I am scheduled for PRK/LASIK surgery in Jan still deciding which one since I can do both. But I was thinking about putting it off if I qualify because of my age and UPT. I assume there is no waiver for the -3.00 limit??
  2. All, Can someone take a look at these docs and let me know if I meet minimum requirements to pass an Air Force Class I physical without refractive surgery? I am currently correctable to 20/20 with glasses. Thanks.
  3. Anyone here have any knowledge of how easy it is/was to go from say an Intel officer position to a rated pilot etc position? I’m looking to see what the chances are of jumping ship from non rated to rated positions.
  4. I know the cutoff is 30 but does anyone have any experience or knowledge of NGB and how strict or not they are about pushing an age waiver through? The problem would not be with the unit I’m just wondering about NGB approval. About me... Turning 29 in 2 weeks. Will have PRK done in a month so I understand I have a year out to wait for my flight physical. Will be 30 during AMS & IFT
  5. I am just wondering if I have the vision standards needed for an initial Class 1 flight physical so I can go to UPT. I currently hold a USAF class 3 due to my AFSC (1c5x1d). I am currently an AGR so getting lasik/prk is something I am considering if I don't have the mins to get into a UPT slot. Below is my medical info. Also, are any of these standards waiverable??? Uncorrected Far Vision OD: 20/100, OS: 20/100 Uncorrected Near Vision OD 20/20, OS: 20/25 Corrected Near & Far Vision OS: 20/20, OD: 20/20 OD: -2.75 -0.25 x 110 OS: -3.50 DS If anyone has any answers I would really appreciate it.
  6. I want to fly as much as possible and I don't mind deploying. I've been gone once for 6 months before with no issues. I'm single so I have that luxury right now. My goals would be a full time position at the unit whichever it may be but if not being and airline pilot or cargo airline pilot is cool.
  7. All,I am starting to apply for UPT positions and I have a few questions. I amcurrently an AGR TSgt and if picked up for a UPT position I understand that atleast to begin with for most units it will be a part time job. I want to beready for the temporary financial change etc. My questions are as follows:1) How much does a typical member fly in a tanker, C-130 or fighter unit?2) How much opportunity is there to guard bum? Can you deploy to augment otherunits that may have pilot shortages as long as it is the same airframe?3) After completion of UPT you obviously have limited flying experience &hours, what kind of pilot jobs could you qualify for with that?
  8. OTR

    UPT Chances

    Thank you all for the LOR tips I really appreciate the feedback! V/R OTR
  9. OTR

    UPT Chances

    sforron , C thanks I was looking at fighter units and like you said most stopped accepting any candidates born prior to Nov 1989 at this time. Regarding the LORs should I make them unit specific or general?
  10. I am trying to get a feel for what my chances are at obtaining a UPT position. I have been in the guard for 6 years, TSgt and I am a Weapons Director (GCI). I am 28 yrs old so I know time is almost over. Not too picky on what to fly, fighters would be awesome an although I have heard success stories with scores less than these those were probably isolated events. Other info below please share thoughts? Rank: TSgt Work: Mission Planning NCOIC Weapons and Tactics Shop, Weapons Director (also known as enlisted ABM) GPA: 3.91 AFOQT: Pilot: 87, Nav: 52, Ap: 40, Verbal : 44, Q: 39 PCSM: 68 with 7 flight hours Will continue building flight hours for PPL unless I get picked up Have LORs from 3 unit commanders and can get one or two fighter pilot O4 - O5 ones as well. Questions Should I have my LOR's be general to a UPT board or specific to a unit since I want to apply to multiple places?? Thanks. How much can you fly in these guard/reserve squadrons? Can you guard bum a lot??
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