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  1. I’m not even on an AF base and don’t have an RA. I had to acquire hand-me-down flight suits/gloves. Every time I call Laughlin, they are just lost on the fact that I am going to IFT first. Then I call Doss and they just tell me to contact my UPT base...
  2. Only problem is I am not with an AF unit or command right now. I am attached to a sister service unit. I’ll try calling up the closet AF base and see what I can sweet talk them into giving me. That method has worked decently for me in the past.
  3. Did you have flight suits prior to going? For none rated dudes and dudettes, how would one come across issued flight gear?
  4. So the only options it sounds like you have are to accept CSO (not sure if you are opposed to, or just not what you preferred) or decline and not be eligible for future UFT boards I would imagine.
  5. Finally got word from the commander. Picked up for CSO. Not my first choice, but at least got word before the official release and an extra few days to make a decision. Good luck to everyone else that's still waiting!
  6. Has anyone heard anything? My Sq/CC hasn't had anything come through to him. He reached out to the Gr and Wg, no joy their either. He then called our local MPF (we are a tenant unit, separated from our Gp and Wg), and nothing there. Beginning to psych myself out and think that, even after receiving confirmation from the board POCs, my package has fallen through the cracks...
  7. I know this doesn't make any non-selects situation and better, but at least you know the results. My Commander and his staff were out of the office because of crazy weather in the northeast. I get to burn another weekend contantly thinking about the results. It is definitely crazy to hear that good dudes with great scores not getting selected. That's not going to make my weekend any shorter! Especially with an average PCSM and coming from a non-rated AFSC.
  8. 2018 UFT Release CC Advance Notification ALCON, the 2018 UFT results will post on myPers AFPC Secure Friday 2Mar18. This will allow Commanders an opportunity to notify personnel of their selection. On 8Mar18 at 0900CST, the PSDM will officially post to the normal myPers PSDM website and be viewable by all. If a member has questions/concerns on selection/non-selection status, please email the AFPC/DP2OR Workflow. We will reply within 7 days of reception. -Knuckles
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