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  1. Hey guys, I'm an army aviation captain (blackhawk pilot) with a couple years left on my contract looking at my options. My wife is Air Force, and we're considering a bridge transfer of myself to Air Force to stay together (she doesn't want to wear green). I want to see if any of the senior guys could help me answer some critical questions. 1. Is it possible to transfer straight into UPT (or would I need to even) from Army Aviation as an O-3? Or have you heard of army officers doing this? 2. If I come into AF/UPT as an O-3 with 3 years, will I be at risk for career progression (i.e. Never make O-5)? 3. Will being a H-60 driver pigeon-hole me into pav hawks, or will I be able to compete for fixed wing airframes? I appreciate your time helping me with this, I realize it's probably out of the norm. Also, I'm aware that I could (and I may) do all this through the guard, but my wife and I are trying to stay AD for now.