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  1. Engineer2Pilot

    Unethical to not disclose checkride failure?

    Definitely would not lie about it if asked. What I'm getting is I don't need to disclose it unless asked, so I'll probably just go with that.
  2. Engineer2Pilot

    Unethical to not disclose checkride failure?

    I was thinking that too. I just don't want to seem like I'm trying to hide things. It would be nice to get fighter guys' opinions too.
  3. Engineer2Pilot

    Upcoming Boards

    Has anyone heard from Wisconsin or Selfridge fighter units?
  4. I'm not trying to hide anything, but I also don't want to put my foot in my mouth. During fighter unit applications and interviews, unless they specifically ask if you have ever failed a checkride before, do you have to disclose it? I failed my PPL checkride once but now have my license. I'm just thinking it would hurt me because I also have a low GPA, so I don't want to seem like "this kid has a low GPA AND failed his checkride, PASS". Unless that's the vibe I do give off and I am not competitive. Should I just come clean right away? What are your guys thoughts?
  5. Engineer2Pilot

    The Next President is...

    Socialism: I graduated bottom of UPT but I still deserve a Fighter because equality!
  6. Engineer2Pilot

    Alright, light me up here

    I wouldn't say fighters are out of the question, you just gotta do some legwork like these dudes are saying. GPA low? Yes, but do you have a story on why it is low or how you have matured and are seeking/landing an awesome job where you convinced them your GPA doesn't define you? Do you see where I am going? It's already been said, you're super young. The world is yours so go get it man, no one else can do it for you. Grind for the PPL. But if that's not possible, the ANG is not the end all be all. Active Duty is also an option as well, navy, marines, etc. Leave no stone un-turned. If you really want it you'll figure out a way.
  7. Engineer2Pilot

    Upcoming Boards

    Which boards?
  8. Engineer2Pilot

    What are my chances? Civ to UPT: the old-guy edition

    Dude, congrats! Seeing your posts on here and your good attitude make me happy you made it, all that hard work. Keep us updated, I've been enjoying your journey and want to keep hearing about it. Good work you made it!
  9. Engineer2Pilot

    Upcoming Boards

    Interview invites went out last week I think.
  10. Engineer2Pilot

    Upcoming Boards

    So.... has anyone heard from Maryland or New Jersey?
  11. Engineer2Pilot

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Does this only look fun to those who haven't stepped foot in a cockpit or to everyone?
  12. Engineer2Pilot

    Upcoming Boards

    Can't say I disagree. I did notice on this years board the 187th FW took off the 85+ PCSM requirement to apply. I wonder if there is a "waiver" so I can apply anyway. Any Alabama ANG guys on here to comment?
  13. Engineer2Pilot

    Standard Interview Questions

    Alright guys, 2 fighter interviews so far with no luck. "Be yourself" is truly the best advice given, canned answers and a fake interview personality are bad for business. What I'm struggling with is the general question "Why fighters?" or "why do you want to fly military/Air Force?" I've always had a desire to serve the country, but only recently have I found out I can do it flying for the military. Like I literally started pursuing this last year as hard as possible. I'm having trouble verbalizing that this is what I want to do with my life and it isn't some fad or phase that will fizzle out in a few years. I don't want to seem like I'm jumping on a bandwagon with guys who have wanted to fly, particularly fighters for their whole lives opposed to me who has realized the possibility and chased the dream for about a year now. Thoughts on this?
  14. Amazing scores and good GPA. You have a great shot at fighters, just rush and apply to every single fighter unit before you age out as its super hard to get an age waiver at a fighter squadron. Youll have no problem getting an interview if you rush and are a good dude.
  15. I just retook the TBAS for the 2nd time the other day. I was sitting at an 80 for 75 hours of flight time 98 pilot, now I'm sitting at a 95 with everything else remaining the same. I studied the mess out of the flash cards and played the mess out of https://www.kongregate.com/games/icylime/multitask. Really helps and worth it if you study.