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  1. 13 hours ago, Catman said:

    You might benefit slightly from a TBAS retake depending on how you felt about your performance on the first one, i.e. if you know how you could have squeezed some more points out. Otherwise, forget it, you're pretty solid on that front.

    Good that you're already commissioned, got your PPL, and have graduate work in progress.

    Might want to diversify your LORs a bit. ANG, after all, is a lot of civilian folks with a military side-gig, so knowing that you are civilian-capable is important. Unless the content of each one is very distinct, it is not going to mean much more than a single LOR would.

    @Catman good point about the LORs.  Most of the commanders I have worked under are AD but I’m going to caveat that with my current experience gained from my current AFSC I am worth the investment. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Doolsmack_Bud said:

    Not entirely sure yet, leaning towards no.  If It turns out I got the medical ETP, I might consider taking it on the hope they'll pull RPA trainees to UPT. 


    If no ETP, then probably not.  I poured my heart out into that package to go fly.  I purposefully did not put in for rated out of USAFA because my medical was waivered for RPA only.  You think that, coupled with me going for a PPL, would clearly demonstrate my intent.  My personal letter said UPT and/or pilot probably a half dozen times or more.  My letter of recommendation was from a prominent fighter pilot that I actually knew fairly well and served under.  I was ranked 1st out of my wing (a prominent wing, as well), and my squadron commander who's signature was on my 215 was a fighter pilot using strong push language.  


    But nah, give me URT.  Clearly, that's what I am here for.  At least a non-select would have left the door open for next year.  Ironically, the board probably selected me for this because "RPAs are flying, and he's qualified."  But I didn't need an ETP for RPA's...


    It's very frustrating to have the air force take a dump over my dreams like this.  

    Keep your head up bro. I’m the same situation with different circumstances. I’m leaning towards no as well and pursue ANG/Reserve where I’m closer to family.  As years go by, I realize that I miss my family and missed weddings and birthdays already.  I’m still going to continue to fight our enemies but from a different team.  

  3. I’m currently AD and planning to pursue a UPT slot. Solid leadership and deployment experience background from 17D career field.

    87 Pilot

    STEM background in college and currently working on Master’s

    75 PCSM with 87 PCSM for 201+ hours and up


    ADSC of Nov  2020 

    My plan is to secure a UPT slot with a unit and start the transition.

    I am currently requesting LORs from 1x 0-6 A4 and 2x sq commanders all of whom I served as commanders previously.

    Any thoughts from the community is much appreciated.

  4. 2 minutes ago, N730 said:


    Awesome! If you haven’t already, I’d start a “What are my chances” thread. You can get some good advice there too!

    Check bogidope for upcoming boards too! Fresno and Oregon both have packets due at the beginning of February.

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    Copy. I will look into the thread.  I am already looking into the Bogidope website (it's dope = straight shooter; no pun intended). Long story short, pursuit for AD UPT slot did not pan out this year despite my UPT-worthy scores, but oh well.  I have my PPL so that's a plus and some AD experience.  

  5. I would bank on allocating the RIP in early January; notify selectees mid-December (which is soon!).  That should give them ample time to get their stuff together. Also, I am with you on "senioritis" due to possibility of selection, but I am the only O next-in-line so I gotta keep things moving. 

    Happy T-Day everyone and we should find out soon!

  6. 8 hours ago, Uptapplicant2019 said:

    Have a few questions I can't find great answers on... 

    How long after they announce selections does the FC1 at Wright Pat happen? Is it self scheduled? 

    I also don't have a TS, will I have to wait for an upgraded clearance before I start IFT/Upt? 

    FC1 = TDY.  Also, I would recommend talking to your security manager and get smart on the process since you don't have a TS, yet.  It's a long arduous process (it's outside AF control... it's OPM).  TS is based on need (all rated AD folks I know have TS) if you don't have one don't sweat it. I would touch base with the security manager to get an idea of the process. 

  7. I talked to one of the AFPC POC civilian that's compiling all the pkgs.  They are predicting ~200 applicants this year.  33 applicants from ACC alone... AFPC also needs your 2808 ASAP (there's a new suspense date for Form 2808 only) because applicants are waiting on AETC/SGPS stamps. 

    Goodluck to everyone.  

    P.S. This forum is not as active compared to the 2018 one. LOL

  8. On 10/11/2018 at 11:39 AM, Av7xfan said:

    Has anyone heard any updates about the max age changing for UPT lately? I keep hearing rumors here at my unit that it is happening soon. I'm 29 now and currently working on my PPL, so I'm affected by it as far as age goes since I now need an age waiver. Just wanted to see if anyone has heard anything more solid than just rumors. Thanks!

    I know for AD UFT 2018 boards only, Air Staff recently approved a blanket age and TFCSD waiver. 

  9. On 9/20/2018 at 12:12 PM, UPTDreamer said:


    Hopefully good news for everyone that applies! 

    If you accomplish your PPL prior to the board meeting you can send  it in separately. The board meeting deadline is usually hard set 

    Sounds good. I have been deployed and just recent got back (on R&R) so I miss the breaking news on the blanket age waivers.  Of note, given the budget this FY from the NDAA, we are surely building our services.  

  10. 5 hours ago, JustHangingOut said:

    I just saw that as well.  Do you know if the Guard will be following suit?

    I contacted one of the ANG unit (I forgot which one actually, lol), but when I talked to their Lt, he said that it depends on the commander whether they are going to accept age waivers or not.  Regardless, he told me to send an app in.  It won't hurt asking the unit you're interested in.

    And what?! Up to 33 years of age and 8 years of TFCSD.  That's gucci!

    Goodluck to everyone!  Also, I am scheduled for my PPL checkride in November.  I wonder if they will still accept AF215 updates then since they moved the app deadline to the right.



  11. On 8/13/2018 at 5:22 AM, Mr.Elephant said:

    From the PSDM, officially its a TFCSD waiver that's needed (versus the TAFCSD).  Lame I know but for ROTC folks, those are two different dates.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.  Did you receive any feedback why you weren't endorsed?  Working on a TFCSD waiver myself, got the wing/cc endorsement but not sure how often the MAJCOM or HAF level A1 disapproves them.  If anyone has experience with that, it would be sweet.


    On 8/13/2018 at 5:22 AM, Mr.Elephant said:

    From the PSDM, officially its a TFCSD waiver that's needed (versus the TAFCSD).  Lame I know but for ROTC folks, those are two different dates.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.  Did you receive any feedback why you weren't endorsed?  Working on a TFCSD waiver myself, got the wing/cc endorsement but not sure how often the MAJCOM or HAF level A1 disapproves them.  If anyone has experience with that, it would be sweet.

    TFCSD corrected.  I’m gettting the feedback this week.  From what I have read and heard, ETPs are not hard to get approved these days. 


    Update: As of two days ago, my package is going to be sent to the boards after all after some misunderstanding of the PSDM guidelines.

    Goodluck to everyone!

  12. 28 minutes ago, MSCguy said:

    I’m applying for RPAs only (all I’m medically qualified for) and need a TAFCS waiver.  My package got endorsed by the wing/cc last week and is headed to the MAJCOM for waiver endorsement.  I’m in a small non-flying wing and will be the wing’s only UFT applicant unless someone else comes out of the woodwork in the next month.  Did you ask for feedback regarding the non-endorsement?

    Good luck dude! I’m setting up a teleconference with him this week as I’m currently deployed. I will found out the feedback then. I had competitive score too.  My best guess is critical manning issues within my unit so he wants me to stay a bit longer. Just my best guess.  

  13. Do we have anybody here that can share their experience with age and TFCSD waivers? I did not get the UPT endorsement from the wg/cc this year, but I will re-apply again FY20. I believe I am fully qualified for UPT this year (non-rated) but going up with mostly rated guys so that’s that. I got all endorsements from unit cc to deployment commander, but for some reason I did not get it from the wing. Weird but eh, I will re-apply next year. Note, the wing held interviews with the applicants and evaluated their nominations to the boards.

  14. On 9/28/2017 at 9:32 PM, Hopeful_guy said:

    In a bind.

    Pilot: 49

    PCSM: 23

    Hours: 0

    So I have a crash course PPL scheduled (41hrs: 47 PCSM).  Studying to retake my AFOQT 19 Oct.  If needed, I will retake my TBAS.  Should I take the TBAS before AFOQT?  

    Also, has anyone recieved clear guidance on only putting only pilot?  The 215 example they have listed mentions that that is only the case if it is your third attempt.  I know several people last year who only put pilot when the rules were the same (they ended up getting a call for CSO). 

    I know  you have to take the AFOQT before taking the TBAS, but if you have already taken the AFOQT once, you can ask the education office if you can take the TBAS now and retake the AFOQT later on.

  15. Congratulations to all of those who got picked up for UFT 2017. You guys/gals earned every bit of it. Overall, a great year for the applicants.  I am starting this new thread, not to hijack the 2017 UFT Active Duty thread that is already filled with valuable information, but to posture for the upcoming UFT 2018 AD boards that some may find useful--organization wise.  Again, congrats to our bros who applied for UFT 2017 and got selected, and for those have high hopes for upcoming FY2018, let's keep working hard and charge ahead!

  16. 10 hours ago, Pred69 said:

    For those interested... I'm the guy who ran the board this year.  What questions do you all have?  Trends?  News?  I'm here to pass along info and help everyone out  



    PCSM? How many out of 60 UPT slots had a PPL? Are we going to have the same amount/more or less for FY18 (pilot)? The info on portal is very helpful.  Thanks!

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