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  1. flat4power

    2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    I know you have to take the AFOQT before taking the TBAS, but if you have already taken the AFOQT once, you can ask the education office if you can take the TBAS now and retake the AFOQT later on.
  2. Congratulations to all of those who got picked up for UFT 2017. You guys/gals earned every bit of it. Overall, a great year for the applicants. I am starting this new thread, not to hijack the 2017 UFT Active Duty thread that is already filled with valuable information, but to posture for the upcoming UFT 2018 AD boards that some may find useful--organization wise. Again, congrats to our bros who applied for UFT 2017 and got selected, and for those have high hopes for upcoming FY2018, let's keep working hard and charge ahead!
  3. flat4power

    2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    PCSM? How many out of 60 UPT slots had a PPL? Are we going to have the same amount/more or less for FY18 (pilot)? The info on portal is very helpful. Thanks!