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  1. @Catman good point about the LORs. Most of the commanders I have worked under are AD but I’m going to caveat that with my current experience gained from my current AFSC I am worth the investment.
  2. Keep your head up bro. I’m the same situation with different circumstances. I’m leaning towards no as well and pursue ANG/Reserve where I’m closer to family. As years go by, I realize that I miss my family and missed weddings and birthdays already. I’m still going to continue to fight our enemies but from a different team.
  3. I’m currently AD and planning to pursue a UPT slot. Solid leadership and deployment experience background from 17D career field. 87 Pilot STEM background in college and currently working on Master’s 75 PCSM with 87 PCSM for 201+ hours and up PPL SEL ADSC of Nov 2020 My plan is to secure a UPT slot with a unit and start the transition. I am currently requesting LORs from 1x 0-6 A4 and 2x sq commanders all of whom I served as commanders previously. Any thoughts from the community is much appreciated.
  4. Copy. I will look into the thread. I am already looking into the Bogidope website (it's dope = straight shooter; no pun intended). Long story short, pursuit for AD UPT slot did not pan out this year despite my UPT-worthy scores, but oh well. I have my PPL so that's a plus and some AD experience.
  5. Gents - I am planning to do a Palace Front and already looking at units I am interested in applying (West Coast). Story short, did not get an AD Pilot slot so I pursuing Guard/Reserve because... of course I want to fly!
  6. Got picked up for totally I did not expect... will most likely reject it and go pursue a slot in the Guard. Congrats everyone!
  7. My friend got picked up for ABM. Not his first choice of Pilot. Does anyone know if he turns it down and reapply again? I read it somewhere in the forum maybe not here that someone turned down a rated a rated slot and was able to reapply.
  8. For the selects, did you receive an email from AFPC for Notification for Selection?
  9. Those numbers are solid. This waiting game is killing me. All we can do is project numbers, crunch numbers, and analyze numbers. Do more number crunching in IFT, UPT, and so on. Can they just release it already? lol
  10. I would bank on allocating the RIP in early January; notify selectees mid-December (which is soon!). That should give them ample time to get their stuff together. Also, I am with you on "senioritis" due to possibility of selection, but I am the only O next-in-line so I gotta keep things moving. Happy T-Day everyone and we should find out soon!
  11. FC1 = TDY. Also, I would recommend talking to your security manager and get smart on the process since you don't have a TS, yet. It's a long arduous process (it's outside AF control... it's OPM). TS is based on need (all rated AD folks I know have TS) if you don't have one don't sweat it. I would touch base with the security manager to get an idea of the process.
  12. No. We won't find out until the results are out... Also, I do not think they would release that type of info unless you are part of the board. At this point, it is all prediction. LOL
  13. I predict ~115-120 pilot slots this year from wide spectrum of AFSCs; just my best estimation. Also, I do not know if you all have seen the email from the CSAF that went along with extension of deadline for the UFT packages. They are looking for applicants from across all AFSCs.
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