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  1. Join the Air Force 1707 facebook group, they have lots of info in there on it.
  2. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Upcoming Boards

    I know you said to PM, but that's a pet peeve of mine since then the knowledge only benefits one person vs the group. However, I realize this may be a personal question, so I understand if you pass on it. What were the hurdles and why would they preclude you from joining the original unit? And how would they not prevent you from joining this other unit? Why didn't the original unit stick with you while you, presumably, fixed the issue? Just curious if there are pitfalls to avoid since my age will prevent me from having any second chances. EDIT: never mind... Just read through your history.
  3. Here's the exact provision: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/50/4001 I wouldn't be registering my cars, voting, etc. basically the exact same setup as any active duty person who is domiciled with Texas or Florida (or the others, just these two are the most common since a lot of people domicile at those states during training)(I also know the car registration laws vary state to state in regard to nonresident military members). As the law linked states: "solely in compliance with military orders" there is no other reason as to why I (or my spouse) would be moving to this hypothetical state except for my military orders. I'm fairly certain there are no issues with this while on active orders (for example, during seasoning), but I'm unsure if it all falls apart if you end up in traditional guard status. Probably best to talk to a tax attorney, but I wanted to see if anyone had experience with this on the guard side.
  4. Apologies if this has been answered but I couldn't find it via search. I know how it works for those on the AD side, but unsure for guard. Hypothetical: If one currently lives in a state with 0% income tax and is selected by a guard unit in a state with double digit income tax, can you and your spouse maintain your domicile in the original state? For how long can you do so? Would it just be for the time from when you start (leaving for OTS) through the end of seasoning? Can you extend it indefinitely as long as you maintain full-time/active status? Do you lose it once you are no longer full-time/active status (and is that loss permanent)?
  5. What is the bad thing that shouldn't be done? Are you not allowed to keep your house through UPT? Or was a post removed/edited?
  6. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Upcoming Boards

    I think it's fun seeing guys from the forums here having success in getting interviews/slots. There have been plenty of boards so far, so I'd imagine there should be some.
  7. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Upcoming Boards

    Thanks for the info. I'm wishing people who got some good news would say something. It's fun to read about and see if there's any inside information like there has been in past years.
  8. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Upcoming Boards

    Anybody have updates on the following? I would think that there would be more activity at this point since selections for slots or interviews should have happened at this point...is everyone just too shy to post? CA F-15s - selections should have happened SD F-16s - selections should have happened DC F-16 - selections should have happened VT, HI, & SC interview selects should have happened
  9. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Upcoming Boards

    This is Carretta's most recent research. He's using the data collected from the MFS cognitive tests. It's also comparing SUPT bases, T-1 vs T-38 track. This paper is full of interesting info. http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA608732
  10. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Upcoming Boards

    Pilot Candidate Selection Method: Still an Effective Predictor of US Air Force Pilot Training Performance, Thomas R. Carretta, 2011 (behind a paywall, I was able to get to it via my alma mater) US Air Force Pilot Selection and Training Methods, Thomas R. Carretta, 2000 (in dtic.mil)
  11. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Vermont F35

    So I guess I'm the only one who finds it hilarious (in a self-depricating way) that immediately after an applicant visit weekend the squadron makes a post looking for additional applicants (seemingly because they didn't like us). Obviously that's not the reality of the situation because the other 8 guys are great dudes who are going to be extremely competitive, but I made a joke. I'll keep my day job and hopefully you all can forgive my faux pas. I'm sorry. My flying is better than my joke making, I swear.
  12. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Vermont F35

    Yikes, I'll remember to never type out dry humor ever again.
  13. FoxtrotNovemberGolf

    Vermont F35

    Were the 9 of us that visited this past weekend so bad that you couldn't wait to repost?