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  1. To my understanding the official public release is mid November so advance CC notifications would be 7 days prior. Theoretically 8 Nov-ish. Just my interpretation though. if any of y’all have anything conflicting or more details please chime in.
  2. I got a hold of them. “Assignment team is talking with functionals, then they brief AFPC/CC, then approval. Mid November release is still accurate.” So it doesn’t look like AFPC/CC has seen anything yet.
  3. That’s pretty big news. I sent the org box an email yesterday with no response. If AFPC/CC signs it this week then they are ahead of schedule. Maybe notifications in within 2 weeks
  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don’t think we will hit the loss roster prior to commanders notification. MilPDS updates for assignments are pretty quick. Plus, they won’t release anything until the AFPC/CC signs off on it. Our best bet is to get updates from the board, or have an O-6 call in a favor....
  5. If you’re going to wright patt for your FC1 then yes, that will check the box for MFS as well.
  6. It’s pretty similar, just more structured and everything is smashed into two days. They may try to get you to be a guinea pig on alternate tests but all in all pretty normal. At least my experience was.
  7. My 2808 didn’t say pending MFS, it just said MFS completed in 2015. So I think I’m good. as for the CCT, I’m honestly not familiar enough with it to give you any type of info. The new color vision standards are pretty forgiving so I’m sure you’ll be fine if you passed your FC1
  8. The color vision test I took during MFS and my most recent FC1 were exactly the same. I’ve never had any issues so didn’t require any further testing. I took the test with the red, blue and green letters. However, the standards for passing are now 50% as opposed to 100% 5 years ago. So there’s some wiggle room. You have to have an FC1 done to even apply. So yes we do have ours done. MFS is required if picked up for RPA or pilot. It’s essentially another FC1 with all the same doctors so that the Air Force has a standardized way of medically evaluating all applicants to eliminate any local bias at local flight med clinics. They may also give additional testing if required.
  9. I luckily don’t have to go to MFS if selected because I passed everything there back in 2015. If anyone has any questions about MFS, I’d be more than happy to answer them.
  10. I’m a prior med DQ guy going for pilot as well.
  11. That’s good info. Wonder how they are tracking for a release. Everyone on here going for pilot?
  12. Copy, thanks for the gouge brother. who wants to bug afpc about the results being published/numbers this week? I was told told mid November a little over a week ago. Standard response I’m sure. Just can’t wrap my head around the process potentially taking 2 months
  13. Do you have a reference/article? The most recent FY2020 NDAA calls for 1480.
  14. Does your bro have any other info regarding FY20 AD pilot slots? i don’t blame the guys last year that turned down CSO and ABM slots. It’s too bad you have to “apply” to all of the rated jobs even if you’re only after pilot.
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