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  1. Hey man. From a U28 perspective we deploy every 6 months for 3 months, so realistically expect to be out for half the year on a deployment. As always, things are changing and subject to change but for now bank on that with deployments. We can talk more if you'd like just send me a private message.
  2. If you're U28 Bros have any questions feel free to hit me up on here
  3. Interesting, well thanks for the info!
  4. Nice. So, how does the new syllabus look in regards to drop night? Aren't some tracks shorter than others?
  5. Any info on the last few classes?
  6. Generally speaking, class ranking is the number one thing that's looked at. If you're number one and shit hot at EWO wizardry but want strike eagles, you'll get strike eagles (provided there's one in your drop).
  7. Well, I hope the U28 is here a little longer than not. I just dropped it out of UCT.
  8. Youre so fast! Like lightning. On a side note. Stoked for the U28 bro
  9. 17-05 1x RC NAV 1x EC130 NAV 1x HC 130J CSO 1x MC 130J CSO 1x MC 130H EWO 1x C130 NAV (guard) 1x B52 EWO 1x B52 WSO 1X AC130U NAV 5x RC135 EWO 2x B1 WSO 6x F15 WSO
  10. 17-02 1 x ec130 nav 3 x f15e wso 3 x b52 wso 1 x b1 wso 1 x u28 cso 2 x c130 nav (guard) 17-03 2 x 15s, 2 x 52s wso 1 x hc-130 moody 1 x mc-130 kadena 1 x ac-130 ewo 1 x ec-130 ewo 17-04 5 x f15e wso 5 x b1 wso 2 x u28 cso 1 x rc135 nav 1 x ec130 nav 3 x c130 nav (guard) 1 x ac130u nav
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