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  1. This was an excellent article... Talked about it today in front of some Field Grades, they were not amused.
  2. Decided to resurrect this topic as my first post. The reason I decided to add my 2 cents is I feel that since this post started the Army and I can only assume the Air Force as well, has taken a drastic nose dive. Despite decent promotion rates, people are exiting AD at pretty decent rates and Army HRC is stopping people from even a 30 day early release form AD. I'm currently a CW3 on Active Duty UH60 Instructor, been flying since 2006. The climate in the Army is just about to the point that unless they offered me a significant amount of money to stay I'm going to leave in a little more than a year. For me, the job is great, I average at the moment, 300 ish hours a year and my command relatively leaves me alone. I say relatively because as you know, being a pilot in the Army involves a whole lot of ground Bullshit i.e. ranges, PT, ruck marches, ridiculous SHARP classes ect.. For me, I have done everything the Army has offered me and I'm bored and looking for a more challenging and rewarding career. If I wanted to take the easy road, I would stay in as a senior aviator and find a cush job until 20. That to me seems like a wasted opportunity to do something better or at least, new. I am aggressively pursuing the ANG as an HH60 pilot or if I can a Fighter, shot in the dark, but i'll try. My perception, and this is strictly from working with the A-10 and HH60 guys. Is that the AF is 100% more professional and dedicated to their mission of providing air support, whereas the Army has it's focus on so many things, SHARP, Ranges, random BS, Uniforms, then lastly, our mission. Totally agree with most of you, the GRASS is ALWAYS GREENER but, sometimes you get tired of stagnating in the same place. I would still choose the Army and have no regrets, it's just time to move on to something bigger and hopefully, brighter.
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