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  1. I just started day 1 of UPT on Friday, however it was addressed in Aerophys and it is common for people to get Airsick the first time they pull G's. They say you get used to it the more you do it and the flight doc will work with you I am assuming showing you techniques to prevent it. Get Bob Hoovers book Forever Flying he was a legendary pilot and started off getting airsick. I woudnt worry about it too much.
  2. I dont have a specific study guide for the AFOQT to recommend just order the top hit on Amazon. As far as the TBAS goes google it and find what you can, And the Assignments threads post the drops from all three UPT bases within a day or two of the drop night usually about 5-8 fighter per class of 25-30.
  3. My recruiter emailed this to me in 2016 its a year out of date but the AFOQT just switched to a new version when I took it so it should still be relevant. This gives you a better idea of selection rates out of total number of applicants, but only compare the recent AFOQT scores to yours as the test version changes and averages fluctuate. p.s. give me some rep trying to get out of the red lol. AFOQT AVERAGES_PERCENTAGES BOARD15OT01 8 May 2015 2015.pdf
  4. Rotors drop at about a rate of 1 per class and usually someone marks it as their top choice so you dont have to worry about that too much. RPAs havent dropped in quite a while I think atleast over a year or two. So you will apply to a rated OTS board and will choose which careers you would be willing to do if selected Pilot, RPA, CSO or ABM pilot is the most competitive so if you only mark down Pilot like I did it lowers your overall chances of selection just based on that. But dont let the recruiter tell you to check boxes you arent ok with.
  5. Your chances are HIGH of getting selected I was selected in 2016 with 3.7 GPA and an 86 PCSM. Flying hours towards your PCSM score are maxed at 200 so get at least that many. Read up on the pilot shortage, it is not expected to be fixed for at least 3-4 years out. When you start the process I would not be shy about second guessing what the recruiter tells you do your homework and double check paperwork. They tried to tell me to "list all 4 rated jobs because it shows I am a team player and will give me a better chance at a pilot slot"??? I listed pilot only and was selected. I was also tol
  6. Volunteer to be a road guard on squadron runs it gets you out of the pack which lets you stretch out a bit and set your stride. In the middle of the pack you cant see pot holes coming up in front of you in the dark when most of the runs happened and if you have uncoordinated people around you they start stepping on your feet especially once everyone is fatigued. If you do road guard avoid the temptation to cut across corners as there are holes in the fields. Otherwise all the above advice is pretty consistent with my experience in October 2016 in the 24th TRS, emphasis is on avoiding injury
  7. does anyone know how many extra weeks are added typically due to weather at Vance? Also how long is it between drop night and the RNLTD to your first base? I know these numbers will vary I am just trying to estimate how long I will be at Vance.
  8. The more hours the better is true, the maximum that can apply to your PCSM is 200, which if you have the time and money bumps your score significantly. I am currently at OTS with roughly 60 pilots in my class and the highest zero flight time PCSM scores that made it are in the 60's, the pilots with a PPL- 200 hours score in the 80's and 90's. Getting your private license before you take the AFOQT will help you score higher in the pilot and nav section. Lastly when you take the TBAS my recruiter told me there is nothing you can do to prepare because it is an aptitude test which is false, you
  9. @YoungnDumb How many were in your class total and how many listed fighters at the top of their dream sheet? I am at OTS right now RNLTD 7 Dec to Vance, trying to guage my chances of drop that vippppppppppperrrrrrr
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