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    No Longer Want to Be a Pilot

    Civil Engineering, Intel. It's more I've come to terms with the reality that the military isn't for everyone and might not be for me. There is certainly a lot of pressure from my family to stay in, and that is what got my through Officer training school, but I don't think that it will carry me along through UPT, if my own personal desire isn't there. All those things you mentioned about commitment worry me. Being deployed and serving initially excited me, but having my next 10 years filled with uncertainty and out of my control scare me. I'm worried about having to PCS for UPT and the constant changing of locations for training bases along the way. I was proud for sometime after finishing officer training, but then I was already worrying about where I would live in the meantime between training, and how I would manage my civilian job. This is one of the reasons Active duty might be better, once you're in, you're in and you don't need to attempt to manage two careers. I'm at the point where I want to settle down and work the civilian job I've had, something I would not have thought before. Where the comfort and stability of that take priority over both the upsides and downsides that come with the Air Force.
  2. stephanie123

    No Longer Want to Be a Pilot

    I am along the pilot track, and have been stuck waiting for IFT/UPT dates for some time after finishing up OTS. I was lucky enough to receive a reserve slot to be a pilot, and in the beginning was really excited to start the pipeline and the journey. It's almost been three years now since I first took the TBAS/AFOQT, and while I am very happy I decided to become an officer in the Air Force, the long journey ahead as a pilot no longer excites me and is no longer the path I want to take. Part of it was hearing about all the other awesome AFSC at OTS, the other part was not thinking about the commitment to become a pilot when I was first starting out. I look back on what made me want to become a pilot and all those reasons don't help me anymore, and I always look at the negatives, and downsides to continuing. I'm at a point where I can either, keep chugging along, unhappy, and if it isn't meant to be I will probably fail out, or I can drop out now. Dropping out now is harder because I'd be quitting, but it seems that it would be the better thing to do, so I don't waste Air Force resources in something I don't want to do. If I keep going and fail out down the line, I am just setting myself, classmates, instructors, and unit back more than I already have. I know that I took somebody's slot and was selected for a reason, and that is what makes me want to continue. Anyone have any advice?