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  1. This is another newbie question. How does the Guard work. I can apply to another state right? (I really don't like the state I currently live in). So I'm guessing I take the AFOQT and the TABS, I apply to a Guard unit after I have my degree and hopefully get an interview and get hired? I read the Baseops article and it sounded simple (not easy but simple) I was wondering if there was more too it. What you said is one of the reasons I am still going back and forth. Since I am 75% done with my associates this is the time where I should really start deciding.
  2. So does having a Business Major look bad for wanting a pilot slot? Does it have to be an Engineering major? How does the selection work for AFROTC? In a few months I am going to meet with the University I want to transfer too. I will definitely make sure to swing by the ROTC building to ask them some questions.
  3. I'm at community college I don't have any ROTC at my school. I should have mentioned that in my OP. I apologize. I put in this thread in the ROTC forum I forgot to put it here. I was wondering if it's possible when I transfer to a University to start ROTC as a junior or is it too late and OTS is my only option? My high school GPA wasn't great (3.0 even), I took a few gap years of working full time and I've been trying to turn everything around since then. Would all that be looked down on by the Air Force versus someone who had excellent High School GPA, went to college straight out of high school and did well?
  4. I'm a Sophmore in College currently. I'm still debating on whether or not to go the ROTC route or the Guard/Reserve Route. Academics: 3.5 GPA, Business Administration (I struggled a little bit in my math courses, I am hoping to boost my GPA up to 3.67 or 3.7. My Program GPA is 3.7 though). Team Work: I've played Roller Hockey off and on since I was a kid, I started playing Ice Hockey a few years ago. (After I transfer to the state school, I hope to join the Club Teams for both roller and ice). I worked in a Tire Change/Hot Rod/Off Road shop. Also have Lawncare Experience from a previous job and worked at a Flea Market prior to that. Regarding the Auto Shop experenice, It helped me earn the following attributes - Working In High Stress Environment -Getting Used to overcoming problems as a team. -I'm used to paying attention to small details (making sure parts fit, ordering the correct parts based off numbers, make sure all measurements are align correctly). Right Now I am looking for a new job. Perhaps hoping to get a job at one of the local FBO's (there a 5 in my area) since the shop I worked at closed down during the summer. In the future I will take the AFOQT and hopefully earn some flying hours. How does everything look regarding the first 2 years of college?
  5. Right now I am 75% with my associates at Community College. The University that's close to me does have AF ROTC. What does ROTC usually look for, regarding transfers? If a Pilot Slot is my goal would being a Community College student hurt me compared to someone who directly attended a Four Year College directly out of high school? Also what GPA is considered ideal. Right now I am earning my Business Associates and have a 3.5 GPA. Is this low too? (I can still bring it up with my current classes and the last 5 I will take next year). This is probably asked a lot but how does the pilot selection process work for ROTC? I've tried Googling around and most of the answers I find from Service Academy forums or Yahoo! (not a great source, I know) usually say it's all by chance or by the needs of the Air Force.
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