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  1. Situation: I'm preparing for an OCONUS PCS and need to book my commercial travel through SATO. My family resides at an out-of-state location, a move I paid for with my own money over a year ago. Their out-of-state address is listed on the PCS orders. I have concurrent travel automatic checked on my orders as well. SATO will not book my family together out of a single international airport, instead insisting we each start our travel from separate airports. I want to start travel and book our commercial flights out of the same international airport closest to my PDS. I'm not asking to move my family from the out-of-state location to my current PDS (I'll pay for that myself). SATO are insisting I either amend the orders to have my family's location reflect my current PDS, or do circuitous travel which costs me significantly out of pocket (I've done the cost comparison). Per the 2019 edition of the JTR: "Allowances are limited to direct travel from the last place where the dependent was transported at Government expense to the new PDS along a usually traveled route." (Page 218) "The service member is authorized dependent travel and transportation allowances from the old PDS, designated place, or safe haven to the new PDS, if the dependent returns to the old PDS, designated place, or safe haven and travels from there to the new PDS." (193) "A service member in receipt of a PCS order is authorized dependent travel and transportation allowances from the place where the dependent resides to the new PDS, or from the old PDS to the new place where the dependent will reside, limited to the authorization from the old to the new PDS." (193) I've spoken with a string of technicians who are unfazed by the JTR and insist the family's out-of-state address listed on the orders governs which international airports they're authorized to make travel reservations from. I'm positive my whole family can fly with me from the airport nearest my PDS, despite their out-of-state address on the orders. SATO can't reference a governing document...Any advice from the BaseOps community?
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