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  1. I’d say so but apparently my leadership either doesn’t see it that way or doesn’t care.
  2. Mentoring - yes. Verbal counseling - from everything I’ve read has to come from a superior or at least someone you report to in your chain since it’s a form of disciplinary action.
  3. Thanks man. Honestly I’m not sure about the OSR since they didn’t mention it, and at this point I’m not too worried since my original plan was to separate anyway. Even if I made O-3 it would literally only be less than two weeks before my ETS. However I really want to avoid a referral OPR since my plans post service may require good ones. My CC said “this will drive a referral” but he’s no longer the CC anymore so perhaps the new guy will blow it off? I don’t know...
  4. Thanks for the advice man. We get a new CC here in a couple days so hopefully he’ll give me a chance.
  5. No, it was in a private text message over personal comms. But yes you’re right I agree with what you say.
  6. As much as that would have made for an interesting court martial, several others on here as well as the ADC said that I probably would have been convicted. For what, I’m not exactly sure. But apparently a FB comment can be considered a federal crime.
  7. I know which commander you’re talking about. I’m not sure anyone really knows what his punishment for that was, it’s all conjecture mostly. Only reason that got recent attention was because he’s the guy that disciplined that female captain of the viper team where, again, no one knows what the punishment was and in her case not even what the crime was.
  8. Lol no man I'm not really going to sue, I was just discussing it because others on here had brought it up. Believe me I know I messed up. I took the ADC's advice and admitted that in the rebuttal. All I'm saying is I think the whole thing is being spun to look like a much bigger problem than it really is, for whatever reason. Even before this I've always known how easy stuff can get back to you on social media, so if I ever thought in the slightest that someone was going to say the phrase poundmetoo was sexist I would have never have posted it.
  9. You're right, its not a healthy climate. Actually even prior to this I was planning on separating and possibly joining another branch but I can basically kiss that dream goodbye if I get a referral OPR.
  10. Oh for sure I'm definitely not going to hold my breath, the guy I emailed is actually just a low level state representative not a US Congressman. If I go the IG route, I may have to go straight to the MAJCOM IG seeing as how my WIng/CC was apparently one of the instigators in all this. I don't see the Wing IG who works for the Wing/CC overturning a decision the CC made. I just find it disheartening that my squadron commander literally told me to my face that "this doesn't have to end your career", when he knows full well a referral does exactly that.
  11. Yea whenever I searched "suing the military" all that pops up is something related to medical malpractice or battlefield injuries. I'll have to see what my lawyer says, obviously suing is a pretty big gamble. I would think even if I won something like that it would still end my career just due to the underlying implications. But who knows, maybe if I can't sort this whole thing out at a lower level then I'll go that route. As a matter of fact I sent an email to my congressional representative today, so I'll see if that gets me anywhere. You bring up a good point with the enlisted counseling an officer, I'm just thinking the IG would say the CC still had the authority to give me an LOR for this most recent thing, which is true.
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